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Tips on Texture Packs - Tips Series

Krita, a free Photoshop-style program

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One thing I like to do in my free time is to make texture packs. They can be hard, tedious, or both! Sometimes you will want to make a texture pack that slightly edits default Minecraft textures. Other times, you might want to start on a complex texture pack for your new space map. Whether its simple, complex, easy, or hard, textures can be complicated to find the right tool. That is why I've put together a list of tips for texture pack making.

Finding Texture-Makers
Texture makers can be hard to find, especially for new people. One of my favorite texture makers is Nova Skin - Minecraft Resource Pack Creator. Nova Skin is easy to use and categorized neatly. With Novaskin, you can not only edit textures but edit sounds, item names, advancement names, texture sizes, and fonts. Nova Skin is completely FREE and requires NO login. Nova Skin is a great tool for beginners and masters. The best thing is, you can upload textures from your favorite art program into Nova Skin.

Sometimes if you don't like Nova Skin's art format or you feel more comfortable with an art program like Gimp or Photoshop, you can draw a 32x32 (or others of that ratio, listed at the bottom) texture of your item! When you open up the item texture in Nova Skin, you can upload your drawing of the retextured item.

Tips For a Good Texture Pack
Have you ever made a texture pack, but it doesn't feel right? Well, here are key tips for making a good texture pack.

-Adding custom sound. If you have custom sound, it will make your texture pack feel more creative and lively.

-Renaming Items. If you rename an item, people will get the "bigger picture". This might not apply to slightly edited default textures. Ex: A laser bow. If the bow is renamed to "Laser Bow", people will get the idea that it is a laser bow, not a plasma cannon.

-For more advanced textured packs, I suggest not working with 32x32 textures, but taking a step up to 64x64, or 128x128. This will require filling in more pixels and making more detailed textures but with a way better result.

If I missed anything or if you have any questions about texture packs, put it into the comment section. Also, if you happen to use these tips, I would love to see your texture pack! Private message me or put it into the comment section!

Texture Sizes - click to reveal
List of compatible texture sizes
Keep on multiplying the texture by 2 for infinite choices! Beware, higher pixels means more lag!

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