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Titans part 1

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avatar Makaneek
Level 10 : Journeyman Scribe
This will be my first Multiple part story. It covers a lot of important things, so read carefully.

In our universe, time flows like a river from past, to present, to future, but this story begins in a universe where time is like an ocean, occasionally shifting and storming, but remaining largely the same.

This strange universe was inhabited by two entities, known as Titans, although they have had many names through the ages. Names change, they do not.

The Titans were brothers. They were also enemies, and they had been at war with each other for all of their universe's eternal existence, each trying to overthrow the other. Their strength was perfectly matched, so neither could ever prevail, but the titan we call Notch knew that if his brother was allowed to visit other universes, he could cause centuries of devastation.

Perhaps it was in a minute, perhaps a billion years, but eventually, time began to storm. Alone, neither could win, but with assistance, the balance could be tipped to either side. A time storm, like any storm, is chaotic, and Herobrine, the other titan, thrived in chaos. I do not know how long it was, no one does, but for long enough, the balance leaned in Herobrine's favor. However it happened Herobrine escaped, and notch followed.

The multiverse connects all universes, and as Herobrine sped through it, he searched for the right one to invade. Not so small that his presence would destroy it, and not too large to be quickly conquered. He settled on a cluster of three universes, all extremely close together. So close that travelling between them would be child's play. He had to choose quickly, so Notch wouldn't know which one to follow him into. By the time Notch caught up, Herobrine had slipped into the darkest of the three.

Inside of this universe were many things Herobrine had never known. Light, Darkness, Flowing time, and a strange force called gravity that seemed to pull everything downward. Everything, it seemed, except for many enormous islands, covered in purple leafless trees, floating in the nothingness. Herobrine wondered whether there were any intelligent life forms to dominate. He explored the landscape, and eventually found a settlement. An immense twisting structure, with many branches. It was evidently modelled after the purple trees that surrounded it. Outside of the city were two small creatures, hidden in shells. Immediately they opened their shells and began launching orbs at Herobrine. He vaporized the orbs effortlessly and held the creature's shells closed until they suffocated. He continued into the city, toward the chamber of the sovereign.

Along the way, he saw the citizens of the city. they were tall creatures, with purple eyes and bodies the color of the void that enveloped this dimension. The adults moved by teleporting, while the younger Individuals had to walk. He caught scraps of their conversation, analyzed their language, and learned it in a matter of seconds. He came to the sovereign's office, which was situated on the top of the tallest tower. "I will make your empire the most powerful recorded in your history. You must merely follow my commands."

"Who are you?" Asked the sovereign, whose name was Shade.

"I am your new overlord. Bow before me or face my wrath!" As he said it, his eyes blazed white.

"I will not give up my kingdom on your whim!" Protested Shade.

"Perhaps you require persuasion. I have taken your ability to teleport. Refuse me again, and it will be your life."

Horrified, Shade realized that Herobrine was right. He resigned himself to servitude.

With Shade as his slave, Herobrine made many changes to his new domain. He realized that the two nearby universes might have inhabitants who would try to end his reign, so he collected several of the islands together into one, and formed the trees on them into a ferocious dragon to obliterate any intruders.

He then began his conquest of the surrounding dimensions. He granted his slaves the ability to combine their teleportation powers and travel to the other nearby universes. His next prize was a fiery horrible world, with many dangerous creatures and valuable materials. There was no intelligent life and no sign of Notch. There, his subjects built many strong fortresses, gearing for war. If Notch came, Herobrine would be ready with an army.
CreditJulian Gough (the author of Minecraft's end poem), for some inspiration.

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  • LillyWerk
  • Level 2
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  • March 17, 2019, 7:15 am
Titans! yikes! I love the fact that you incorporate familiar names into your story- easy to see in my minds eye everything thats going on =) up next- Titans 2!

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