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TMV zone server review

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avatar pixiecute7
Level 11 : Journeyman Toast
I have been playing on TMV zone for over a year, so I thought I would make a review on it. I tried to be as fair as I could on this review so if you join and disagree then that's OK! Now, on with the review

Owner: TheMattVid
He also has his own youtube channel called TheMattVid

Cursing- 5/5
I never saw anyone curse on this server before. However, if someone did curse it would have been starred and they would be given 5 warnings, afterwards they would be blocked for however long it is.

Chat/People friendly- 5/5
The people there are some of the most friendly people you will meet! TheMattVid will also get engaged in the conversation unlike some server owners. Not all, but some.

fun games- 4/5
You can get lost for hours in his games. the reason I gave this a 4/5 is because if there is no one on, you would just be playing sky block or creative or something else by yourself. Although there is usually 1-2 people on at the least.

Good environment- 5/5
No one curses, and everyone is kind to each other:)

Would this server be fun with friends?- 5/5
OF COURSE! This server is fun with friends you know or friends that are regulars here.

would this server be fun independently?- 3.8/5
If no one is on the server and none of your irl friends can make it on, I would say it would still be fun but a little less... fun because there is no one to play and chat with. It would still be fun to advance your sky island and creative plot.

Anything inappropriate?- 5/5
No! nothing inappropriate that I have seen, or heard of.

are the rules good?- 5/5
Yes! they block out cursing and anything inappropriate along with some other valuable thingys:)

easy to find or ask for help? 5/5
The boards in the spawn of games help with any command troubles and people there are very helpful.

Kits worth it?- 5/5
First of all, you are helping the server and second I think that the rewards are pretty balanced.

All in All, I give this server a good review of 47.5/50

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