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To Delete or not Delete?

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Hey people of PMC, I've been wanting to write this blog for quite some time and I guess today will be the day I do it. I'm going to discuss the topic of deletion, specifically self deletion not including those for moderation reasons.
You may have seen those accounts with hundreds of subscribers with 0 projects, skins or anything at all. Usually this is a sign that they have deleted all of their work. Another sign is that their profile has contest badges with no work to show for it, even you may find entries that were finalists missing. Now this is not an uncommon practice on PMC, but to every person who did it, they have to ask themselves if they wish to delete it or not.

Reasons to delete

There are several reasons that a person may want to delete their submission. It could be due to not liking their past work, a major reason for many, they aren't proud of what they've created and are embarrassed. Even if people have diamonded and subscribed because of it, they feel their creation is garbage. It could actually be or not, it depends on the person's standards.
Another reason is to start fresh, some people may feel a spark and renewed if they start from scratch, working their way from the beginning and this means deleting all old works. There are other reasons, but these are the two main ones.

Reasons not to delete

Some people want to show only quality content and this is quite admirable, but think of this: you don't have to be a perfectionist. If you delete work that people have actually liked, you are erasing a part of your past. People can't look back at where you came from and compare to your new more awesome stuff. Think of it as a before and after pictures, the after pictures mean more if you compare it with the before. If you want quality, I think you should start uploading new things that instead of deleting the old. Also you can reap the experience points from what views it has.

For those people who want to start fresh, it's great if you have enthusiasm, but it may only be for the moment. Maybe a couple years down the line you may want to see them again, but you have gotten rid of them. Deleting work can be risky and you may regret it. In some cases it may be worth deleting as in actual trash that had little effort put into it and that anyone can make in a few minutes. But usually if many people liked it or it was a contest finalist, you should keep it not for yourself but for others to look at.


Ultimately the choice of deletion is up to the individual person. This not only applies to PMC, but other places and things. For example on YouTube, videos that I have favorited or liked will have gone missing and it's puzzling to see why someone would do that and delete it forever. But it is up to the owners of the content in the end to decide to keep it or not and you cannot really do anything about it. For everyone reading this, I urge you to think twice of deleting, thinking about the consequences and seeing if it really is worth it.

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04/17/2017 9:12 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Skinner
XFuntimeFreddyX avatar
I want to know how I can delete my account so I can start a new one, could someone tell me how?
01/18/2016 3:03 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Toast
Hedgehogs2931 avatar
I sometimes don't delete my old work, and later, I look back on it, compare it to my current work, and have a good laugh about it with my friends/subscribers.
01/17/2016 12:28 pm
Level 56 : Grandmaster Grump
Azie avatar
If someone wants to delete some older stuff that just wasn't the same quality as their other work, I have nothing against that. I've done that for a couple of project submissions that haven't turned out right.

When people delete everything on their account because they're quitting the site or want a "fresh start" or whatever, I think that's really selfish, especially when it's someone with a lot of good submissions and subscribers. People loved that content and they've decided to remove ALL of it.
01/17/2016 12:46 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Fox
CraftyFoxe avatar
I agree that it is very selfish. When people delete, they disregard the people who originally enjoyed their content. I mean what is there to gain if you deleting all of your stuff? Just let it rest here for others to enjoy.
01/17/2016 12:45 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Princess
Havingfun_ISKEY avatar
Oh my goodness, I hate it when people delete all their stuff when they leave. There's no point in doing that! At least keep your stuff up for other people to enjoy.
01/17/2016 7:36 am
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Architect
Xoyjaz avatar
A very good blog, although it would be nice to hear your standpoint on this subject its still a very very good blog.
As for me personally I had some submissions deleted beacuse of the quality. I kept some old projects that I liked and put a lot of effort into in the past, but deleted a couple of low quality work that actually got a chunck of diamonds. They did not reach my expectations or standard which I am setting today. I think its weird people deleting all their submissions or just leave 1, idk man sometimes when you go online and put it there you should respect also peoples opinion if they like it or not. Its like creating something and giving it as gift, just to later on take it away from them beacuse you didnt like how it turned out. This will msot likely affect those who really liked your work/gift.
Anyways nice blog
01/17/2016 6:39 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Modder
jobicade avatar
If I deleted anything I wasn't proud of, I'd consider that to be censorship. I've never deleted anything from the internet (as is the true nature of it, I think), because I'm not a fan of censorship.
01/16/2016 9:39 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
01/16/2016 10:30 pm
Level 78 : Legendary Fox
CraftyFoxe avatar
You read the blog right?
01/23/2016 3:11 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Archer
well....... not all of us................. but lots! for example, me, i think your work is awesome!
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