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To the One who was Lost - Miner's Eternity Short Novel Spinoff

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*SPLOOSH*. I landed in the water, barely missing the sharpened cliff bottom. I surfaced and took a big breath. An arrow whizzed right by my head and glided through the water. I dived back down and swam into the underwater cavern.

-Several Hours Earlier-

It was late afternoon, and I was on a canoe with my father. My sisters and my mother were already inside the cabin. We had made a deal that we would head home the next day if we didn’t find a fish. I loved this place, and I would hate to leave so early. I managed to convince my father to let us fish a little later than normal just to see if we might get a catch. We were being as silent as could be. My dad would point out different creatures every once in a while, like a couple crabs and even a catfish. But his whispers where still too loud, and they all swam away.

At one point, he started to whisper. I assumed that he was going to point out a new fish or creature. But it seemed that something had startled him. He was pointing at something in the water. Even today, there is no way I could fully describe what it was. It was like a dark cloud of sorts. It looked like some sort of dusty gas. But it was getting bigger, and bigger. We both were amazed and terrified at the same time. We took our paddles and began heading back to shore. But it was far too late. The black cloud consumed the whole canoe. I couldn’t see a thing. I yelled for my father as loud as I could, but I got no reply. I felt helpless. I felt like a butterfly trapped in the net of a foolish child, who waited impatiently to burn the insect with a magnifying glass. I started what felt like falling. Then, without warning, I had insane impact. I felt like I had smashed into a huge, steel wall whilst going 10,000 miles per hour. Yet, somehow I was still conscious. I opened my eyes, hoping to be in my bed at my cozy house, hoping it was all a dream. But, what I would learn in a few long months, is this, was the absolute opposite of a simple dream.

Chapter 1: The Newlands

I opened my eyes. I wasn’t in bed, but, I had no clue where I was at all. I sat up. I was in some sort of taiga forest. My first thought was that our boat had crashed, and I was still in the forest by our camp grounds. But when I took a glance around, this was not our forest. I memorized every twist and turn of our forest, which was by no stretch hard because of how extremely small it is. I examined my surroundings a bit, just to see if I could recognize anything. Behind me was a short, maybe six meter tall cliff with some trees on the top. In front and on both sides of me were just windy paths and what appeared to be endless forest.

I stood up on my feet. I looked down to find that I was still wearing my fishing vest and sweats. “Thank god I decided to were shoes on the canoe, or else I wouldn’t walk anywhere in this forest.” I thought to myself. I looked around for any signs of life. I saw what looked like some sort of wild wolf or dog in the distance. It turned and looked right at me. Stunned with fear, I couldn’t move a muscle. It slowly made its way towards me, moving its mouth. It was too far away for me to hear, so I couldn’t tell whether it was growling or whimpering. But with the high chance that it was growling, I didn’t want to stay to find out. But, at the same time, if it WAS growling, if I made a break for it, it would surely chase me, and I wasn’t not exactly in marathon shape. But I was running out of time, and I still had to decide how I could deal with my possible demise.

The wolf-like creature continued coming closer. I came to my senses and slowly backed up into a tree. I kept my eyes on the thing while I fished my hand through the foliage atop the tree trying to grab a branch. I caught hold of one and tore it off, then held it in front of me as some kind of weapon. I was sure that the creature was growling now - and fiercely. I realized my pathetic stick of a weapon would do me no good, and turned around and booked it. I could hear the growling and running at my heals as I sprinted through the forest. I couldn't navigate very well and ended up at a cliff. Below me was a twenty meter drop with a sharp bottom and a lagoon. I turned to see the wolf, ready to pounce. I knew that even jumping into the water would not end well from this height.
I brandished my stick at it again. Suddenly, an arrow came from the forest and pegged the creature in the neck, throwing it off the side of the cliff with a heart-squeezing yelp.

"Who's there?!" I yelled. "Where am I? What is this place? Come out!!" To my request, I saw a figure moving through the brush. However... it didn't look human. It had a humanoid shape and clearly could use a bow, but something was wrong though I couldn't figure out what. Then I noticed - several parts of it's body where cavities that I could see right through, including it's chest. With horror, I realized the truth. It was a walking skeleton.
Terror ran through me, as well as many attempts to explain it with logic, but I couldn't. Even if a skeleton was somehow conscious and alive, there would be nothing to move the bones. No muscle - nothing. It would be like a statue of steel moving. Then it noticed me. It slowly raised it's bow. I prepared to jump into the lagoon behind me when I heard a guttural scream. I saw another figure I couldn't make out begin hacking at the bony figure. I heard steel scrape bone when, in what I assumed was shock and lack of control over it's muscles - er - bones that somehow moved, the arrow misfired and headed right towards me. I took the initiative and leaped off the cliff face, landing in the water. *SPLOOSH*...

Chapter 2: The Cavern

As I swam down I noticed an eerie light coming from the cavern I was swimming towards. I kept swimming until I came out into the cave through a small waterfall and landed on solid rock. Soaking wet and aching, I still and looked around. The cave branched off in two directions, and to the right there was a small bit of magma flowing from the wall. This confused me greatly. The pressure and heat that would have been necessary for magma would prevent caverns from even existing without collapsing in on themselves. I didn't bother questioning it though, since I had just seen a moving skeleton after being seemingly teleported into god knew where. Little did I know, in comparison those would be the tamest things I would encounter there.

I chose to go left as to stay as far away from 800' Celsius liquids as possible. I couldn't see a thing, and about 10 meters away from the waterfall I came in I heard a deathly sound that chilled me to the bone. It was a moaning like a tortured human soul, but I almost thought I could make out words.

"Who's there?" I said. "Where are you? Do you need help?" I backed into the faint light coming from the lake falls. My heart nearly stopped as a decaying humanoid silhouette came into view. I watched in horror as it came closer, though rather than my mind wanting to kill it I pitied it, thinking it to be a poor human who got lost. That was a mistake I would never make again, but one that someone else I was to meet would.

It appeared to stop.

"What's your name?" I asked. It moaned in response. As it came closer, I got far more nervous. Suddenly, it wrapped its arms around me shredding my backskin with its claws. I screamed in pain and kicked the bastard away from me. I began trying to fight the rushing water of the roughly 2 meter fall in an attempt to get back into the lagoon and swim to surface. I fought the current fiercely and used the water to pull myself up through into the lagoon. I used the mudded rocks to push myself to the surface in a matter of seconds. I gasped for breath and swam to shore as fast as I could. I climbed onto the grass and lay there for a few moments. I looked into the sky and saw that from when I had gotten there to my adventures in the cavern which had been roughly half an hour it was still early morning. This made no sense as it had been sunset on my canoe when I had ended up there.

I wandered around the taiga for a bit, wary of any wolves in the distance. I wondered in my head what had taken down the skeleton on the cliff before. I noticed that I had lost my stick in all the chaos, and stopped to grab another, I found another cavern opening and dug through some gravely stones in search of a sharp rock. Sure enough, I found what I thought to be a flint in the pebbles and used it to sharpen my stick a bit. I held on to it in case I needed to make a fire or if I ever found some vines to tie it to the edge of my stick as a crude spear. While walking I noticed odd sounds around me - like I was being followed. Whenever I would stop suddenly I could catch the sound of a footstep or two. I tried to avoid looking like I was suspicious in case there was someone there, but I made sure I was on alert.

Suddenly, I heard another cry like the one I had heard on the cliff. I turned immediately and brandished my then sharpened pike but did not swing, for what I saw stopped me in shock.

Chapter 3: Bloodied Blades

CreditInspired by Dragonchampions' Miner's Eternity (can be found on Minecraft Forums when looking up 'Miner's Eternity')

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