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Toime's Minecraft Photography Dump (Popreel!)

My Personal Favorite.

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Hello There!

So as you may have read in the title, this is from this point forward going to be where I dump all of my really neato screenshots and/or renders of Minecraft! Underneath each of the photos will be the source of the image and what date it was taken. If it was from an animation program like Maya or MCanimator then the usernames and source of the stage will be given.

Practice with Conquest: Reforged. #WeAreConquest

A small cottage put on the outer edges of a boreal island.

Older Image of a Small Tent.
This tent was made for a friend, and is one of few screenshots I have without Conquest.

Another Pretty Image without a Texture Pack <3
This is another one without conquest, yet still pretty. By the way, this terrain was created by Epic World Generator.

Another Newer Image of a Fishing Village WIP
A more recent screenshot of a small fishing village I'm creating. I'll be posting the world download as soon as it's finished <3

Another Image of the fishing village, after a few things were added; a statue, more fishing boats, and a house behind the lighthouse.

Creds to Valjeta-Dawn for his lovely map!
Credits to Valjeta-Dawn for the lovely world this screenshot was taken in!
The world this screenshot is from can be found here!

A small farm manor I created for a schematic on a server. However, since I didn't include the horse track, cart, and pigpen, this design is one-of-a-kind!

A small cottage on the hill on something else I'm working on. Pretty worn down, but the foundation is still lingering between the brickwork.

A view of the river in a jungle settlement. I liked living there, but I had to keep moving after the diamonds started running low. Bleh.

In fact, this was my next stop shortly before starting the building process. I haven't finished it, but I loved it's surroundings enough that the house itself is built into the trees.

Oooh, tropical!

A packed up interior for an even more condensed home. The beds upstairs, nothing special really.

Some elegant docks for a soon-to-be equally extravagant fortress on an island. I have a thing for islands if you couldn't tell.

For now, that's it! But I'll be posting more as time goes on, so keep your eyes peeled!


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