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Top 10 most ANNOYING things in Minecraft!

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avatar Gobul
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Today I thought I'd complain to you about the 

10. Finishing a build
Yes! Finally! I finished my building! I spent so long on this... But wait, what do I do now?
Yep, that's right! Finishing a build can be great as you can admire your creation... But what then? Trying to think of a new idea can be so annoying. It's even worse when you ask for ideas, but no-one else can think of anything either! 

9. Liars
Liars are already really annoying, but in Minecraft they can be 10x worse as you can't escape! These are the people who say 'I've been playing Minecraft for 10 years now.' - No you haven't... Minecraft wasn't even out 10 years ago. These are the annoying people who say they spent months building a wooden box, so it makes it look like they worked so totally hard and you should be so wowed. Nah... it makes me think you have no life.

8. People who copy your builds
Now this can be one of the most annoying things ever, but I've put it so low on the list as it doesn't apply to everyone. Some people build boxes which don't have any originality which anyone can build, so copying isn't an issue. If you're a great builder or you've built something you've proud of, you're bound to get angry if somene copies it. Even worse is when they claim it as theirs! You spent ages on that yet someone gets credit for it for not doing anything! Ugh!
So annoying, right? 

7. People who insist that other games are better than Minecraft
Of course, there are BOUND to be games which are better than Minecraft. But sometimes, there are people who try and advertise OTHER GAMES through Minecraft, just because they think it's better. We came to play Minecraft, nothing else. Even if that game is better than Minecraft doesn't mean we can't play or like Minecraft!

6. Spawn killers
Spawn killers are the worst. You are trying to play a PvP game, but everytime you spawn you die in a millisecond, because that cowardly player is hiding and killing you as soon as you spawn! It's the worst, and I think we can all agree that it's pretty darn annoying!

5. Fanboys/girls
These are the crazy people who go around screaming about their favourite YouTuber all the time. For example, SkyDoesMinecraft! Sometimes these people go around telling people to stop saying gold and to start saying 'budder'. We respect that you like his videos, but really. Come on. Let us play the game. It's crazy annoying, especially when these people won't stop bugging you all day.

4. Advertisers
These people are the ones who go on a server solely for the purpose of advertising their server or another. They're just flooding chat with it! Stop!

3. Skeletons
Finally, something which isn't the community! Skeletons, a common minecraft mob, have a sneaky habit of killing you at the worst of times. For example, you're playing in a mob arena on a server and have 1/2 a heart left. You're nearly at the end of the game! But suddenly... You die! Why? A skeleton shot you from behind. Thanks for that, spoil-sport!

2. Lava
Lava ruins everything. Picture this. You have 16 diamonds in your inventory and you're still digging for more. You're running low on food but that's okay, you won't need it. But suddenly, you break a block in your mine and a sticky, thick, blocky liquid seeps out and suddenly you're on fire and dying extremely quickly! Ouch! Goodbye diamonds... ;_;

1. Griefers
There really isn't much to say here. They tear down your buildings which you enjoyed making, they destroy your chests and strip them of items... it's the darn worst! We all hate it, we all hate them, and I think we can all be sure we've all done it at least once. Don't! It's funny for you, but for them? They're gonna be upset. Think before you grief, kids! It's so upsetting, almost, because you spend so long on a build and then it's all gone! A huge waste of time. 

Thank you for reading!


04/09/2016 11:38 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Pokemon
#5 is the worst ever '-'
04/27/2016 11:49 am
Level 29 : Expert Ninja
Yeah, it's pretty annoying! It'd be nice to just play Minecraft in peace haha
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