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Top 10 plugins for Kit PvP servers!

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jessgallipeaupvp's Avatar jessgallipeaupvp
Level 29 : Expert Miner
I run a kit PvP server, and I thought I would share some of the essentials to it! (This is my first blog, so don't judge me)

1: Essentials:

Essentials, in my opinion, should be in every single server. You can do so much with it! The main thing we are using it for, since this is a kit PvP, is to make kits! You can let players do /kit, or you can have a kit sign, so that all they have to do is click on it! The kits can also cost nothing, or as much as you want! They can also have a delay between use!!

2: NoCheatPlus:

NoCheatPlus (NCP) is an awesome plugin to stop the countless hackers out there! It disables flying, spamming, and other things as well as notifying anyone with the correct permission if someone is using a hack! For most servers, this is a must-have.

3: CombatLog:

Almost completely necessary for PvP servers, CombaLog stops anyone disconnecting to avoid death in PvP! It is configurable, but you can disable creative, godmode, potion effects, and other things while a player is in combat. The most important thing, however, is if a player logs out when they are in combat, they will be killed, and you can fine them money if you want. You can configure what being in combat will disable, and how long you are in combat.

4: WorldEdit:

WorldEdit is one of the most famous plugins ever, and for good reason. You can instantly create walls, spheres, circles, pyramids and more! This could be used to greatly speed up the process of creating arenas, your spawn, and pretty much any large scale structure you are building.

5: WorldGuard:

(WorldGuard requires WorldEdit to function) WorldGuard is totally necessary for just about any server. It is used to create safezones, so you can make a safe spawn with no deaths, and no building, and you can also disable mob-spawning, tnt, lightning, and so many other things in certain areas!

6: CoreProtect:

Do you have a new admin who just griefed everything, or how about that nasty player using all the TnT? Well then you need CoreProtect. It logs every block ever placed or broken, and you can roll-back certain areas. This is useful if you have an area that you made changes to, and don't like and want to undo quickly, or if you have a griefer on the server it is useful for that as well.

7: KillKash:

KillKash is a plugin that rewards players with money for killing other players. This is great if you have a store where players can buy upgraded armor or special kits, or even enchantments. You can have it on a fixed amount, like $5, or you can set it to random.

8: TrophyHeads:

TrophyHeads is just a fun plugin that adds the command /headspawn (spawn in ANY players head in any amount) and players also have a chance of dropping their head when they die. You can set the chance that heads will drop in the config file.

9: Assassination:

Assassination is a really cool plugin that adds throwable knives, a gun, and awesome assassin abilities, like climbing short walls, climbing fences/cobble walls, and hiding in leaves or hay, just like assassins creed! All ability can be given with permissions, so you can have only certain players able to be assassins.

10: Lift

If you want elevators in your arena, or even somewhere else, lift is the plugin for you. You can configure how fast they will go, and they are super easy to make. You can give permissions to use the elevator, and a permission to change the elevator destination! (switching between which floor to go to, assuming you have more than one) I think the elevators are just plain awesome, and I really like this plugin.

If you enjoyed this blog, or want me to make more, leave a comment! :D


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02/05/2016 7:02 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Cookiedough611's Avatar
thx but how do you make it so you can buy kits only once
05/10/2014 1:35 pm
Level 1 : New Warrior
Heavn_Ly's Avatar
NPC is really annoying if you have jump pads in your arena. It works by detected the way players move instead of detecting clients. Trophy Heads isn't needed unless you want to have people drop their heads. Essentials has a command for it. :) This is pretty decent for your first blog.
/i head:3 1 player:name
05/13/2014 8:38 am
Level 29 : Expert Miner
jessgallipeaupvp's Avatar
At the time I did not know about the essentials command, but I had it so that players would drop their head. Also if you wanted people only to be able to spawn heads you couldn't give them access to /i to take a head... xD
02/25/2014 11:17 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
JEANESY101's Avatar
hey do you know like the thing where u type /kits and it opens up like an inventory filled with kits? whats that plugin? Or are you a dev, i need a dev for my server! Come join it : mc11.fadehost.com:25758 or add me on skype: gamer.girl1011
04/08/2014 3:38 pm
Level 29 : Expert Nerd
Ravalis's Avatar

KitPvP plugin, with a tutorial on how to set up a GUI.
02/27/2014 12:28 pm
Level 29 : Expert Miner
jessgallipeaupvp's Avatar
By an inventory filled with kits, you mean it would open something like a chest GUI that would show different kits? No, I have never used anything like that, although I would like to.