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Top 10 Ways to Keep You Entertained in Minecraft.

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Hey Guys

I haven't been on Planet Minecraft in a while which sucks because I used to really enjoy spending time on here. The reason to this is because I haven't been spending much time on Minecraft. A lot of you may feel the same way I do which is that Minecraft has lost its magic. Personally I feel like its old news now seeing as there are a ton of new and exciting games on the market which sort of pushes Minecraft aside. I recently bought a 3DS XL which has made me spend too much time playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf and not to mention we have Battlefield 4 and GTA V out now.

This blog post isn't just going to be about me whining about how Minecraft isn't fun any more, I was actually hoping to find out ways on how to make your Minecraft experience that little bit more exciting. In my opinion I like a lot of things related to Minecraft such as the hunger games servers and parkour but for now I'm going to do a list on what I think is the Top 10 to do in Minecraft to keep you interested.


This is at number 10 on the list because it is quite a scummy thing to do but unfortunately I have to admit that I do like a bit of griefing now and then as long as its for a good cause. A good example of this is that I play on a Minecraft server called Vixencraft and sometimes people misbehave so they need to be told a lesson and one of those options may end up being griefing. Remember that I'm listing ways to keep you entertained plus most servers can deal with griefers, if you can't actually end up griefing then just simply download a map that looks complex and mess with world edit and TNT.

Play Multiplayer

Personally I can't stand playing single player Minecraft because I just find it so boring which is why I suggest playing multiplayer. If you or your have a Minecraft server then jump into a Skype call and just have fun building things together. This is what I've been doing and it's such a nice feeling seeing all of your progression when you stay on server for an extremely long time.

Play an Adventure Map with your Friends

This one does involve friends so if this is something that you're lacking then this may not be as fun as I originally hoped. Yes I am of course talking about completing a adventure map with a couple of your buddies. This could be done on a server or over LAN but either way, this should keep you occupied for a couple of hours together.

Create Something Outstanding

This one is a bit self explanatory. If you're eager to waste a couple of days away and have fun doing so then make something huge. This could vary from making a town on a server, which seems to be an ongoing thing on Vixencraft, or you could create a giant model like a space shuttle launch site. Not only will this keep you entertained for days but the finished product should look amazing. Heck, you could even build yourself a giant rollercoaster to share with your friends. (if you have any that is)

Recreating Something From Reality

Just like the previous entry, this could involve you making something huge or maybe something small but this one is of course about making things from reality. When I say reality I mean it could be your house or something from a movie. I know that isn't exactly reality but it was originally made in reality so you know what I mean. I've seen so many different things that people have recreated into Minecraft that nothing ceases to amaze me. We have things from games to places that only dreams could imagine but hopefully when you build these creations, they should keep you entertained and occupied for days to come.

Role Playing

It sounds kind of dorkish but you'd be surprised to find out how much fun you could actually have from role playing. On Vixencraft we had led people to believe that there was going to be a war coming. This encourages us to get into different teams and create towns. I ended up making propaganda posters for our town in the war. We even ended up getting custom skins for different roles that we had in the group. Seriously, this sounds lame but it is a lot more fun then wasting hours cutting down trees all day.


This one is pretty self explanatory too. Its just a personal preference but I really enjoy trying out parkour maps for Minecraft. If you don't really enjoy doing parkour maps then have a go at making one. I've made one in the past and it is actually really fun because you can manipulate and make the map as crazy as you like. One thing I liked to do was hide easter eggs around the map so that players had something more to do than just pointlessly going from A to B in an acrobatic manor.

Hunger Games

I know that some of you guys don't like the idea of the hunger games in Minecraft and believe me, I was one of those people but after giving it a go I realised that it was actually really fun. If you're an extremely competitive person then this is something for you. Not to mention that you could do this for hours on end and not get bored due to the fact that there are literally tons of hunger games servers to play on and each one may have a new map for you to experience.

Create Art

This entry is one of my favourites which is why I've put it at number 2. When I say creating art this could mean anything. You could make pixel art and make everybody hate you or you could do what I do which is take screenshots and make them astoundingly beautiful. There are so many beautiful things you can do with Minecraft as a subject. If you're not that great with editing screenies on photoshop then maybe 3D renders are your sort of thing, either way enjoy making user submitted art for everyone to enjoy.

Making Videos

I'm gonna start buy saying that I'm not encouraging you to make a let's play series that will include 400032 parts to a series because that's just tedious and annoying. When I say "Making Videos" I mean just make something creative via video. A couple of things you could do is make trailers for servers which I have done in the past and really enjoyed. You could make awesome music videos or even time lapses for your creations. All I know is that the internet loves Minecraft videos so go nuts. Hopefully this should keep you interested in Minecraft for a while and possibly improve your video editing skill too.

So this has been my welcome back piece and also my thoughts on ways to keep you interested in playing Minecraft,

Thanks for reading guys.

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