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Top 3 GAME CHANGING DataPacks for Minecraft 1.14!

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avatar NickTonj
Level 58 : Grandmaster Modder

Here is a top 3 list for my personal favorite DataPacks that i've worked with.
All downloads will be located in the youtube video description!

3. Better Cauldrons
Back in Minecraft Beta 1.9 Pre Release 2, Brewing stands were non-existent. All brewing would have to be conducted with cauldrons. This DataPack brings back that classic technique of making potions, and opens up automation to the user.
To brew a potion, you have to place the Cauldron above a magma block, and fill it with water. You can then throw in the required ingredients, and then it will brew the potion of your choice.

2. TechnicalEnchant+
When Dinnerbone first announced his plans for the Enchanting Table, the whole minecraft community was excited. Many different enchantments were promised, but due to technical limitations, failed to make it to the game. This DataPack adds those promised enchants, as well as many more enchants that will spice up survival and PVP gameplay. To acquire these enchants, you have to have to throw a book (or tool of choice) onto an enchanting table. The required amount of EXP and Lapis Lazuli will be taken from your inventory automatically. You will then get the custom enchant book, or weapon. To apply an enchanted book to a tool, throw both on top of an anvil.

1. McRadane's Auto Crafting
Automation has became a crucial part to minecraft gameplay, and thanks to hoppers, droppers, and redstone, we can automate almost anything. Anything except crafting. This datapack makes it possible to automatically craft any item possible. All you need is a chest, item frame, an anvil, and the item you would like to be automatically crafted. Place down the chest, and place an item frame on it, any way you like. Use the anvil to rename your item of choice to 'AutoCraft' and then place it into the item frame. Now, whenever you put the required resources to craft the item into the chest, it will craft it, and put it in the next available slot.

Honorable Mentions:
Tryashtar's Extendable Pistons: Make pistons of any length and strength! Much like the classical Pistons mod!
nEconomy+: The #1 Economy DataPack for money and shops in your servers, Adventure Maps, or LAN worlds.
Fishing DataPack: Adds tons of catchable items to the fishing system in Minecraft!

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