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Top 5 Best Shaders for Optifine

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These are the Best Shaders for Optifine!

#5 - SEUS Shaders

SEUS is a very High Quality Shader Pack, but can cause extreme Lag to Low or Medium Quality Computers. It is also very Beautiful. This Shader Pack is Powerful and should only be used if your Confident that your Computer is High Quality and can handle these Shaders.

Top 5 Best Shaders for OptifineSEUS Shaders

#4 - BloominX Shaders

loominX Shaders are very Amazing, mainly because they are Lagless. They are Made for Low Quality Computers, and you won't need to worry about a single drop in FPS. It's very surprising that such high quality shaders don't lag one bit! I definitely Recommend these Shader.

BloominX Shaders

#3 - Sildurs Vibrant Shaders

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders are Truly Breathtaking! They are Great for Medium Quality Computers, and they are almost lagless, with a few spikes here and there. They are great for Thumbnails, or any type of Photography. They are always fun to Use, and I would Recommend these Shaders, unless you have a low quality Computer.

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders

#2 - Kadir Nck Shaders

Kadir Nck Shaders are very Beautiful, and once again they are no Lag Shaders! Low Quality Computers are able to use these Shaders. Also they are a lot of Fun! I would Recommend this Shader Pack to anyone who wants to use them!

Kadir Nck Shaders

#1 - MrButternuss Low End Shaders

MrButternuss Low End Shaders are absolutely Beautiful. Everything is so Bright and Colorful, and it is very Breathtaking! It makes it to the Number One Spot because it is so Beautiful, yet it is Completely Lag Free! It is good for Low Quality Computers, and it stays at a Stable 170 FPS!!! I would Definently Recomend this Shader Pack to all!

MrButternuss Low End Shaders

And that ends this Top 5 List! Hope you all enjoy! A Link to the shaders will be Right Here!
Map Used: The Lake Side Village
My Youtube Channel: Bottle Rocket Bosley

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