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top 5 favourite peaceful mobs in minecraft

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avatar flameanzer789
Level 34 : Artisan Dragonborn
5: Villager: It is easy to spot a villager from a long way away because of it's large head, (must be it's unused brain) giant nose, clothes and it's arms. You can also trade with them... and by trade I mean get unfair deals everytime.
4: Cat: It's a kitten!!!! Yay... It is very annoying at times... YAY! Cats are hard to tame because they are litteraly scaredy cats, they run away from you even when you are holding juicy fish.
3: Dog: Man's best friend, even when they are made of pixels and on a computer screen. Unlike cats, dogs are easy to tame and they fight for you. Who's a good boy, yes you are... NOW KILL!
2: Snow Golem: They are just like iron golems... EXEPT THEY SUCK AT FIGHTING, THEY ARE DERPY AND THEY DON'T EVEN LOOK LIKE OLAF! But still it is cool to have them. They are the only purpose of snow besides throwing them at your friends... snow golem can help you with that!
1: Mooshroom: Hmmm... how was this created? It's a cow... but it's a mushroom cow. SHROOMS FTW! It is hard to find the biome where they hide. When you sheer them they... explode and turn into normal cows... it's official! Minecraft is weird!

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CreditFlameanzercrew, Minecraft Wiki

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