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Top 5 Notorious Hackers!!

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Yes, a 'hacker' is a person who has extraordinary knowledge of computers and is skilled at exploiting weaknesses in computer networks. Yes, it is not the perfect definition, but the basic idea is, the 'term' hacker doesn't automatically mean criminal. While some are activists (hacktivists), others are ethical. Then there are those who do use their skills for criminal activities. In any case, one thing that is certain is that a hacker is a person who possesses extraordinary grasp over computers and deserves some respect for the same. When a few of them get together, well, that is indeed a scary proposition

1. LulzSec: With the motto, “Laughing at your security since 2011,” Lulzsec is credited with
attacking Fox.com, an X-Factor database, Sony, FBI and CIA. The group has caused damages worth billions of dollars. The group exposed the contact information for 73,000 contestants when they hacked the X-factor database. Important members of LulzSec were arrested in 2012 by the FBI. They were turned in by the group’s leader Sabu. But LulzSec reappeared within three months, hacking a singles in military dating website, claiming that the crew has been ‘reborn’.

2. Anonymous:
Yes, yes we all know the notorious "Anonymous". Not much needs to be said about this group. It is perhaps the most famous and notorious of all hacker groups ever. The group has attacked the Pentagon, threated to take down Facebook and threatened Los Zetas, the Mexican drug cartel. In addition, it has also declared a war against Scientology. They go by the motto, “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

3. TeaMp0isoN:
This group was started in 2010 by a 16-year-old hacker with the alias TriCk.

TeaMp0isoN was responsible for hacking into NATO, Facebook and the English Defense League. In addition, this group stole personal data from Tony Blair by hacking into his email account. They also attacked Research In Motion, the company that developed the BlackBerry, in 2011, by defacing their blog. They did this because the company planned to help the police during the England riots that year. The group wrote on the blog, “We are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government.”

4. globalHell:
This group was co-founded by Patrick Gregory, a street-gang member from Houston, Texas. It has been said to be behind the destruction of data on 115 websites, information trafficking and millions of dollars worth of damages. Ironically, Gregory had turned towards computers to escape his gang life. Rather, he ended up creating a 60 member crew of hackers, who treated the internet like their streets and wreaked havoc. Gregory’s crew has also been credited with online extortion and defacing the
United States Army’s website when they wrote “global hell will not die”, on it. Interestingly, Chad Davis, another co-founder for the group, was arrested in 1999 and sent to prison for six months, along with a fine of $8,054, became an independent security consultant later.

5. Masters of Deception:
This group was formed in 1989 and played rival to Legion of Doom, a Texas-based hacker group. The two were bitter rivals, who always tried to stay ahead of each other. This later turned into an all out war with class and racial overtones being added to the fray. The group carried out an attack, which has been called one of the most extensive thefts of computer information ever known. The top five members of the group were arrested by the Secret Service eventually and charged with computer tampering, computer and wire fraud, illegal wiretapping, and conspiracy. They all pleaded guilty.

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You dont need much knolege for minecraft hacks
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Diamond, but you forgot Derp:
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