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Top 5 Skin Websites

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NorthPew avatar NorthPew
Level 50 : Grandmaster Ninja
Today is the day we are waiting for is a top 5 skin websites.
Now we start this! This is going to be answers to.

5. Is www.minecraftskins.com / Skindex
Why? A: Its Because you can spam
the same skin and there are no admins who delete skins.
There are no view who you can see the arms and legs.
(you can't see the right and left leg and the hands on the sides.)
You can upload banned skins like nazi skins mmm..
There are ugly skins: Like nude skins mm..
You can't comment on skins.
So that's why.

4. Is www.seuscraft.com/skins / Seuscraft
Why? A: This is like PMC but not a projects packs servers site.
You cannot like or comment. You cannot
see a box with the skin parts only on the front.
The tags are not so right like you write tag: boy
can it come some girl skins. There are no skin editor.
You cannot make a account.

3. Is www.minecraftskins.net / MinecraftSkins
Why? A: The skins must be perfect.
There are no skin editor, They had one.
But you can edit other skins.
In the editor can it be little hard that
you must click hide parts to get the part  you want to edit.
There are no box there you can see the sides.
There are no window there you can view the skin from
above and front left..

2. Is minecraft.novaskin.me / Nova Skin
Why is it 2? A: Because They have a big gallery with
hundred and more skins.
The editor is very easy and can be a little
complicated with other things.
You can make photos and change pose with
your own options on the pose.
Btw they have the same problems as www.minecraftskins.com / Skindex
that there are some nazi skins mmm...
When you want to look at the skin you want
you get a window of the skin on the site with some options.
You can rate and comment and share the skin.
But some skins have no 3d skin option when you are in the window.
The skins can be spammed. The skins can be some dots
here and there where there not supposed to be there on the skin.
There are some skins who are 3d and there have 512 x .. cm
then the normal one have is 64 x 32 / 64 x 64 cm.
You don't need to make a account you can use your gmail.
You can choose your own model like alex or steve.
When you search after a skin it can come up a block like chest..

1. Is you guessed right, www.planetminecraft.com / Planet Minecraft, PMC
Why is this number one? A: We have much better then the other.
Because there are admins who delete spammed skins and delete
skins like nazi and very nude skins. We have a very good comment section.
You can like, diamond, give it a heart. You have a submission menu.
You can get subscribers and follow peoples. You can get friends.
They have a simple menu there you can do with the skin in the skin box.
You can see the skin from the sides.
There are no skins who are 512 x .. i think.
But PMC don't have a editor. You can make a collection with skins, texture packs mm...
There are so much i can say and yea.. So PMC is the best one for now or forever.
I Recommend Three Sites Thats
Good Is www.planetminecraft.com , www.novaskin.com , www.minecraftskins.net
If you think that the list is right comment subscribe and diamond it.
This took like 3 or 4 hours to make.
If you don't angree you can say why.
I don't accept hate comments.
Im Going to add more to these top 5 skin websites.

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05/15/2017 8:07 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Skinner
SNekohime avatar
the only problem with skindex is most of the skins i see there sucks (no offense)
07/21/2018 12:09 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Prince
ThatSodaCan avatar
Ikr, a lot of them are generic and poorly made
08/06/2015 5:38 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Skinner
Teh Pink Pickle
Teh Pink Pickle avatar
* Slow Clap * YAY
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