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Top 5 Ways To Make Money Online

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Many people wonder and ask, how do you make money online? Well there are 5 ways in which I'm about to teach you, where you can make easy money straight from home.

#5: Make A Website

The easiest way you can do this is by setting up a blog, either on Blogspot or any other blogging website. However there are tips when it comes to creating blogs and how to approach them. First off, no one wants to hear about your life. Sad as it is, people usually go on the internet for entertainment such as comedy. Writing blogs that have some sarcasm in them (not meaning to overdoes on it) will get many viewers attention and people will enjoy your content. Main point of this is you have to be smart about it. Don't talk about your experiences or what you did over the weekend because like I said, sadly, no one truthfully cares unless they are a complete hardcore fans of yours. Create images, use wordplay etc. and if it entertains you, it should entertain others as well.

If you want a higher step than a blog, you can also create forums. Some of you may be thinking, are you crazy? I don't know how to code one BIT! Well there are built in forum software that you can download, if you don't mind a watermark or an extra domain, such as this: www.myforums.extradomain.com. However even with those, you can STILL make money off of that and I will explain how.

Google AdSense is the answer to this. What they do is they take a company that wants to advertise, put the ad up on your website and share the percentage with you. Now, before you start saying that Google will share little to no percentages with you, you are quite wrong. They give you 50-80% of the money if not even more based on how many views your website or blog gets.

#4: Online Gambling

Now straight off, I am NOT saying that I in anyway support this and you will get money off of this, but you have a good chance. You just have to be smart about it. The best ways you can get money off of gambling is, playing Poker, betting on sports, and playing Backgammon. If you are good at any of these, there is a REALLY good chance that you can get some money off of this, but once again, you have to be smart about it. Hint: Let's take poker for example, you do not want to go to the most popular poker sites because that is where you will find the more skilled poker players lounging around because it is that popular. What you want to do is hang around the less popular sites where you know that there aren't any of those very skilled players and only people of your skill level or below, which makes you even likelier to get some money off of this.

#3: eBay

You can easily find any type of junk that YOU think is junk however other people might think it is a complete prized possession. That is the glory about eBay. I guarantee you that you can find a half eaten doughnut in your room and think it is absolute trash, yet someone on eBay might actually want to buy that. eBay is all about the bidding that goes on, so another great thing to keep in mind is that when someone sees something pretty cool that they would like and they see that someone has already bid for it, they will get their competitive mode on and try to win it from them. That is how you rack up money from eBay. However, one thing to keep in mind is that make sure shipping is FREE. No one likes it when they have to pay for Shipping and Handling because that just adds to their total cost. So if I were to ask you this question, would you rather pay a little bit and earn a lot? Or pay nothing and earn little to nothing? I'm pretty sure the choice is quite obvious here.

#2: YouTube

Now, YouTube accounts do not pay right away. You have to put in some type of effort into it. However, I guarantee if you really work hard in doing something you love it will pay off. Some ideas are talking about cats, making blogs, making tutorials, making game-play videos, anything really that you think will entertain other people. Over time, if it truly does entertain people, you stay active on the site, post videos, earn subscribers, you can apply for partnership. What partnership with YouTube allows you to do is basically, get money from YouTube based off of ads. Advertisements will be placed before your YouTube videos and the more views they get, the higher your pay becomes. You also get cool features if you become a partner, such as banners. So overall, if you are looking for pay and you want to put some type of effort into it, I would recommend creating a YouTube account and posting videos on it.

#1: Selling iPod/iPhone Apps:

Now, I know what you're thinking. I don't know how to make an app at all! How am I supposed to sell one? Well I have a nice answer for you. Paying someone to create an app for you that's based on YOUR idea. If you can pay someone to create you an app based on an idea you have, they will most likely do it. Then, once they give you full terms for the app because they have their money, you can sell it on the App Marketplace. No it isn't copyright unless the person who created the app registers copyright for it, however he cannot do that because it was YOUR idea in the first place and you are paying him either way for it. Now, you're probably also thinking, I don't want to pay though. Well to this I answer, like I said before, would you rather pay a little bit and earn a lot more the rest of your life? Or would you rather not pay and not even sell an app in the first place? I'm pretty sure the first choice is the winner here. I also have two sites for you to check out where people can ask other people to basically create them apps for money.




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10/16/2012 1:49 am
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anbinal's Avatar
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08/09/2012 10:08 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Dragon
hornet5517's Avatar
I sold my Lego on EBay, got about $1,800 and bought a computer. I was thinking about making an app... But how would I start making it?!.....
12/10/2011 6:15 pm
Level 49 : Master Pixel Puncher
Beast's Avatar
Thats Not MONEY! Thats Monopoly Money, fool! Teehee just kidding...
10/20/2011 9:25 pm
Level 40 : Master Crafter
Tminator's Avatar
Is the "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" in ascending order or descending order of most money makeable?
10/20/2011 9:27 pm
Level 45 : Master Blob
SourC00kie's Avatar
Descending, one being the best money maker.
10/20/2011 9:32 pm
Level 40 : Master Crafter
Tminator's Avatar
Okay, do you know how much per view you make for YT Partnership? Cause it must not be very much or else you'd make tons if you had a video with maybe 10 000 views XD
10/20/2011 9:33 pm
Level 45 : Master Blob
SourC00kie's Avatar
If I'm not mistaken, through rumors I've heard that it is about 50 dollars per 50,000 views.
10/20/2011 9:35 pm
Level 40 : Master Crafter
Tminator's Avatar
Cool thanks, My goal has always been to reach Partnership :D
10/20/2011 11:01 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Guard
esoomytefasgone's Avatar
mfw your advertising gambling as an option on a site where 95 percent of the people here cant gamble.

Making money online is shit, get a real job and make 10X more then you would sitting here filling out surveys.
10/20/2011 4:40 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Narwhal
Feldow's Avatar
wow, take it easy man no one is forcing you to do this besides sourc00kie was just giving advice no need to take it so seriously.

relax, smile, and laugh today
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