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Top plugins for faction servers

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Top plugins for faction servers

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, it's me, Sam, bringing you another great and awesome blog. So, in this blog I am gonna give you guys some quick tips on great plugins. Now this guide is only gonna be plugins for faction servers and if you would like a general one, or a top plugins for another server, please comment below telling me just about that. Now, let's crack on with these plugins, shall we?

Plugin number 1 - Essentials

ssentials is used at many servers all around the world. It is the most basic plugin giving you lots of stuff such as allwoing players to teleport to eachother, vanish from other players, enable only fly mode and much more. This is a most for a faction servers. You will also get a big config easy to read with many configurable options such as changing the color of a name an operator will have, changing the nickname prefix and much more.

Plugin number 2 - Factions

Well, you are probably looking here because you need great tips for your faction server, well, no factions without the factions plugin. You will need a compatible version of [url=Massive Core]Massive Core[/url], also called MCore. This is just an api which allows factions and many more plugins to run. Now, factions allow your players to create Teams, calns, whatever you wanna call it, you can invite players to your team, kick and even claim land with your faction. This is the absolute most for all factions servers.

Plugin number 3 - GroupManager

This is a plugin that allows you to create groups, give certain groups or players certain permissions and give certain groups or players certain prefixes. These are just a few things GroupManager does for you. I personally prefer GroupManager but there are alot of people using PermissionsEx, bPermissions and many more.

Plugin number 4 - Vault

Vault is just a small Permissions, chat and Economy API which allows other plugins to interact with other plugins if that made any sense. Just get this, you will understand more later if you don't already.

Plugin number 5 - PvPReward

This is a plugin that lets your players steal money from players they kill. There is alot configurable with this plugin and if you would like something that really enriches the PvP Feel, use this plugin. Now there are some plugins like this but most haven't got so much configuring ability as this one has.

Plugin number 6 - PvPLevels

This plugin allows your players to have a specific pVP level, e.g when a player reached x amount of kills, they get ranked up to level 2, another x amount of kills, they level up to level 3, just that simple.

Plugin number 7 - ModeratorGUI

This allows your staff to make reports. When reports are sent in, you, the owner of the server, can simply open up a website and ever report is seeable right there, pretty cool, eh?

Plugin number 8 - McMMo

This plugin allows your players to have skills and level them up. E.g, when you are in a fight. You fight with a sword, every time you damage someone with that sword you get an x amount of Experince points giving your players the ability to level up the Swords skill.

Plugin number 9 - WorldEdit, WorldGuard

These two plugins are made for eachother, worldedit basically allows you to terraform land and making that at a very rapid speed. WorldGuard allows you to protect regions.

Plugin number 10 - iConomy

This plugin allows you to grant your players some money. You can setup shops and much more. This plugin does need Vault in oreder to work with other plugins.

Plugin number 11 - ChestShop

This plugins allows your players to have shops. You, as a player, can setup a shop using a chest, putting all materials in that chest and putting a sign above, watch tutorials for how to do that.

Thanks for reading guys, this was just some unique and great plugins I found to be very useful when hosting a factions server, take care of yourselves, bye bye.

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