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I have been scrolling through forums, articles, newspapers, trailers, streamers and the bukkit forums to find these. I do hope you appreciate my efforts! The plugins all range from essentials to the most unique plugins you have never heard of. And yes miners and sheep this is the best list you will ever find on plugins. I will be adding more plugins every so often! Please do suggest plugins in the comments. Thanks!

Top Plugins of All Time

I) WorldEdit | WorldGuard - Used to terraform the landscapes to your liking. Protect those awesome builds from griefers and hackers. Allow access to only certain regions and combine regions making plots.

II) Essentials Protect, Antibuild, Chat - The plugin you must have. You can setup rules, your motd and much much more. This plugin is the plugin that started it all! Thankyou whoever made this.

IV) GroupManager | Permissionsx - If you want a easier plugin to work with choose group manager. If you are familiar with notepad++ and know pex than go for it! These plugins will help you organize special staff teams. Donator ranks and more. It has no limits to name combinations!

V) FancyTab - Create and customize your own tab! Show the IP of your server. (Not recommended). Show the players name viewing it. Show the date and time. Put your server motd in it! say HI! Like I mean what else!

VI) Lockette - Protect doors, chests and blocks. Never let that guy take control of your diamonds!

VII) iConomy - Add a sense of $ to your server. Buy blocks for in game currency.

VIII) MyMOTD - Create a colorful motd for your server! Ex: "ServerName" - To mine or not to mine.

IX) WitchCraft - Yet another unique plugin. This comes with a full kit of wands that let you do amazing abilitys. It also comes with a HUD thing on the right side of the screen. Enjoy this like I did and dont forget to add the permission! xD

X) uSkyBlock - Only the most popular minigame ever I think. Create a castle/base/thing/block in the sky. Don't fall or you will die and lose the game! For sure do get this for your minigames server!

XI) SkyWars - Yet similar to skyblock but different yet again! Place your spawner and hide it. For if it is destoryed you may not respawn. Kind of like annihilation. That plugin that never came out for public. :(

XII) Annihilation - My FAVORITE plugin. BEST plugin ever. Fight for the people. With the people! By the people! Defend your base/nexus and/or bring the fight to the enemy. Please do check this out and support them. For I hope they make a freindly config one day.. :) Do not ask me how to set this up! I do not know how at all. Teaching me would help.

XIII) Jobs - Create your own custom jobs for players to join. Used in survival role servers. Or just copy the premade config if you are that lazy!

XIV) Multiverse Portals, Signs, Nether - No, I did not forget the worldaverse plugin at all. This plugin allows you to create additional worlds and teleport to them with the other sub plugins that come with this.

XV) Mob_Cash - With this you can earn money from fighting mobs.

XVI) Vault - Use this plugin for it is required for mostly all plugins that support in game money and tecnical stuff. You get the idea!

XVII) mcMMO - Oh yes, this plugin is another one of my favoreites. You must hear me out on one thing. Please disable the scorebaord in the game for it is so annoying for players sometimes as well as the sounds. Otherwise this is a great plugin for adding a leveling up role to the gameplay.

XVIII) LevelHealth - Earn hearts aka additional max health for killing mobs.

XIX) Mob Arena - Fight waves of mobs that never end. Create custom classes. Fight bosses.

XX) Herobrine - Scare players with the orijonal herobrine plugin. He will say weird things and steal your stuff. Sometimes he might even stand on a cliff watching your every move. Or even watch all the players on the server at once! With is ghostly powers xD!

XXI) Hunger Games - If you have not watched the movie than watch it. This is all about survival and killing each other until one remains. Sounds horrible. I cant get away with horror strorys so lets just say your killing 1's and 0's.

XXII) BackPacks - Use this plugin for donators. They will appriecaite it. This plugin allows you to store additional items in your inventory. Its a backpack, what else!

XXIII) Pets - Get your pet by simpley saying what pet you want. In text*. Pets range from sheeplings to withers and dragons! Customize them further. Ex: Normal horse to skeleton or zombie baby horse!

XXIV) Towny - Make towns with plots and in game money. Requires lots of sub plugins. I do apologize I could not find the download portal links.

XXV) Factions - The ultimate pvp plugin. Use this if you want lots of pvp going on.

XXVI) Custom Join Messages - Change the appearance of the message of when players join or leave or get kicked or banned! Also change join/leave messages for specific players. Ex: The owner has joined! Just no and lol all the way...

XXVII) Holographic Displays - Display coloured messages floating in the air! Yes I said floating in air! Also display minecraft icons! And display how many people are online! I heard you can display pictures with this. But I dont know!

XXVIII) Empty World Generator - Generate a completly empty world with 1 repsawing bedrock block. Good for networks and hub servers and other personal uses. Note that this can still leave 1 or 2 chunks of a normal world if not used properly.

XXIX) Isle World Gen - Generate islands that go on and on forever! A different way of playing vanilla maybe! On Islands!

XXX) Hive Jump Pads - Good for hub servers. Step on a pressure plate with redstone underneath and whoah ur in the air!

XXXI) Buycraft - Extremely useful for managing endless donations. Showing your donation goal and motivating players to help your server grow.

XXXII) CraftBook - Kind of like essentials but you can do endless possiblitys. Like sit on stairs or make remote controlled blocks. Its been done before.

XXXIII) Compass Navigation - Great for hub servers. Naviagate with a simple chest gui menu to servers or tppos locations.

XXXIV) Death Particles - Makes your server more realistic in a sense. When a player gets hit blood like particles get emited.


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CreditAll credit goes to me for the descriptions.

12/24/2014 7:08 am
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Not bad !
12/24/2014 4:49 pm
Level 45 : Master Lad
I know theres 100 more but I stopped due to lack of motivation
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