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Torch Placer in vanilla Minecraft! (Plus mod updates)

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avatar MinecraftDonut
Level 48 : Master Demolitionist
Hello? PMC!? IS THAT YOU!? I CAN'T SEE BECAUSE THE SPARK OF CREATIVITY ISNT THERE TO GUIDE ME! Anyway, wassup guys? It's me, MinecraftDonut! Today I have made a torch placer in vanilla minecraft! Watch the video above for how it works, but basically it places torches whever the fishing rod lands.

/testfor @e[name=unknown] {inGround:1b}

/execute @e[name=unknown] ~ ~ ~ setblock ~ ~ ~ torch

"Dood, where have ur mods been?"

Well I have been getting a lot of questions like this. Why there hasn't been any mods or why I haven't done anything that you guys came here for. Well to tell you the truth these blogs are made just to kill time. :P So where are the mods? Where is the Iron lantern update? WHO IS THE REAL SLIM SHADY!? Sorry, got off track. There are a few reasons why I haven't been making mods. We will be going from the biggest reasons to the smallest.

1. I have been waiting for the 1.7 MCP update

2. I haven't had any ideas

3. I am lazy

4. I have gotten into tf2 and goat simulator

5. I have school, youtube, friends, and other stuff to worry about.

So that's really it. I mean my next mod should be out sometime. I am planning on making a mod with Poyoarya. I also have no idea how to work Forge 1.7 XD. So yeah. ANYWAY THANKS FOR WATCHING AND/OR READING THIS. K bye.


04/11/2014 10:57 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Blob
Same reasons I havn't been posting any mods lately.
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