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Torched Mod Review - RPT Launcher, Torch gun, Fireworks + MORE!

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drawcartoonseasy's Avatar drawcartoonseasy
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Watch my youtube video showcase to take a closer look at this super cool mod! (Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrawCartoonsEasy)

Like most of you, Io m sure, whenever I achieve something in minecraft, however small it may be, I always feel a sense of accomplishment. Everyone has their own way of celebrating accomplishments and special events, but one of the most common tools used for celebrations remains the same throughout the world.

The torched mod provides you with beautiful firecrackers, which light up the sky with varying bursts of awesomeness. The mod also features a few other irresistible goodies, but Io ll get to that in a bit. The fireworks, or rockets, are made by combining the following. The recipe is depicted below.

Torch Gun:

Torched ModTorched Mod

This being the most practical of items, the torch gun will look through your inventory and take note of the number of torches you have. The durability of the torch gun indicates the number of uses of flint and steel left remaining to light up torches leaving the barrel. Right click to fire a torch from your inventory. Ito ll hurt mobs it hits and attempt to place a torch if it hits a block. If it fails to place a torch it will drop as an item.

Torch Rocket:

Torched Mod

This would be the tool to get a widely (though not evenly) distribution of torch placement around a wide radius. Place it down, and right click it with gunpowder or torches to add to the count (up to 512 [8 stacks]), or throw the whole stack in to add the stack to the count. An ideal ratio of torches to gunpowder would be 3 torches to 1 gunpowder. It can be launched by right clicking it with flint and steel (slow), or lighting it on fire or using redstone power (fast). As an added bonus, you can add gold nuggets (up to 16, right clicked only), to add a little variation to the launch.

Torch Launcher and Ammo:

Torched ModTorched Mod

This torch launcher requires ammo, the o Rocket Propelled Torcho . Have a bunch in your inventory and use the RPT (Rocket Propelled Torch) Launcher to fire.

The beautiful part is that you can custom fit your fireworks to burst as high as you want, and in the pattern of your liking. This ability to tweak certain aspects of the firework makes it a lot of fun to use and provides hours of enjoyment, which is then rewarded with colorful bursts of flames! Literally! It actually rains flames. Well, torches to be more specific. When a rocket explodes, it sends out arrays of torches which burst out in all directions. As you will see in my video showcase, the explosion can be large enough to cover an entire island in torches within seconds.

Another feature of this mode is torch based weapons. You can make a gun that fires one torch at a time. This is not very effective in killing mobs but it can come in very handy in dark places. If there is a spot far from your reach, and you wish to light that area up, you can simply aim your gun at that position and fire. The torch that is launched will latch onto the location that it strikes and will remain as a lit torch on that block.

If your intent is to kill mobs with style, then this mod has just the weapon you are looking for. You can build a torch based rocket launcher which launches a compact burst at a limited range. This weapon does require special ammo but it is totally worth it. When fired, the ammo fires at an arc and when it hits ito s target it expels large amounts of torches in every direction. The mob that it his will take severe damage. To find out exactly how much, take a look at the video above!

After you take a look at the video, let me know whether you like it, or hate it. If you haven't yet tried the mod, check out this link:


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