Touhou Little Maids Quick Review [Minecraft Mod]

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A very quick video of me looking through the Touhou Little Maids mod. A
short display of what is in the mod and more. Short and sweet... Anyways
since I discovered the mod from the depths of the internet I felt it
was very well done and had a lot of work put into it. The mod originally
was in Chinese but there have been some translations done. It is also
quite similar in mechanics like the Little Maids Mod. The concept of
taming a cute girl you find in the wild with cake. Paying her in sugar
in exchange for cooking/cleaning/hunting/etc. Models are custom and
quite well made. Each maid is unique and has awesome small animation
details depending on her outfit/looks. I highly recommend downloading it
and trying it for yourself!

If you want this mod it is a standalone mod, meaning you don't need to download Little Maids Mod (What Touhou LM was based off) to play it. You
can find it here -

Touhou Wiki/Info-

Touhou Curseforge Link:
(This mod needs Forge to run)

Touhou Discord (Includes Touhou Maids Channel)

Video Made in-
created with #magisto

Captured from my Game. MC Forge version 1.12.2

Music -

Kawaii! by - Bad Snacks (Royalty Free)
CreditLittle Maids Mod, Touhou
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