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Trolling Problems ? Who's The Bad Guy ?


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What's going on ?

so if you haven't been following what's going on with this troll problem, everyone that has a Minecraft Youtube Channel with the concept of trolling was not Ilegal, and as i said "WAS" not Ilegal, before notch gave his words on this problem, so notch thinks it's okay to have Youtube Channels that live by the word "Minecraft Trolling" and Notch did not write the "no Trolling allowed" in the rules, so Notch can remove it completely or just ignore it, but i guess Trolling is know allowed again !!  but why ?


So if you didn't know, there exsist this one Minecraft troller called ZexyZek, or his real name John. his at a younger age then most of the "Top Minecraft Youtubers" his now over 700 000 Subscribers, and what his fans love to watch is trolling videos, but when Mojang/Jeb (i think) told ZexyZek that they we like him to stop trolling,ZexyZek didn't see it as a threat, but more like that they didn't really enjoy what he was doing to other players in minecraft, and then they sendt another message that said  so ZexyZek Thought he could not continue his Trolling Videos, and got real sad and made a episode all just for that if you want to see that video just click right > Here  but just some few days later after that video was up, a lot of his fans Threat and hated on Mojang and Notch, and they could not stand the nasty and horrible tweets they got, so notch decided to make it fair for both. You can read about it > Here And after that post ZexyZek could finally make troll videos again.

Who's the bad guy ?

Well, you can chose one of the site ZexyZek's side or Mojang's side,

ZexyZek side: You think it's fine that he uploads trolling videos where he ruins someone's minecraft experience in some minutes and at the end gives them some diamonds blocks and repairs a few things pluss all off his fans loves it.

Mojang side: You think trolling is a bad thing and someones minecraft experience should not be ruined in such way, and his fans will not get more trolling videos, and many subscribers that is only there for the trolling needs to leave or unsubcribe cause there no point in watching someones channel if they don't have anything you watch.

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  • BoffBox
  • Level 7
  • Apprentice Explorer
  • March 2, 2014, 9:54 am
The reason Mojang is doing this is to sell a lie. They want people to think the game is all nice and by the time they figure out what it's really like, it's too late.
Troll away, friends.
Troll away.
Just gonna put this out there: If you think messing around with some one ON A GAME is ruining their life, then you are to absorbed into minecraft.
I never said something about ruining a life, just the experience of playing minecraft ruined, and makes it negative for dose that gets trolled.

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