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True Survival Mode's FINAL Official Update Changelog | 1.18+ Datapack

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Devons_Desk avatar Devons_Desk
Level 68 : High Grandmaster Architect
True Survival Version 4.0 releases at 11:00AM PST on November 30th, 2021! (59 changes)

New Features/Gameplay:

  • 8 Unique loot bundles added, all with unique semi-randomized content. Bundle acquired by breaking spawners, with the bundle given corresponding to the dimension and/or structure you break the spawner in.
  • Loot bundles have a chance to contain 8 unique shields, also corresponding with the dimension and/or structure you found it in.
  • New Cravings system. When you wake, you're a given a craving which you have until that night to fulfill. Fulfilling the craving will reward you with experience and the strength effect.
  • Skeleton Vikings now have a chance to drop a Viking Axe. Viking Axes can have either sharpness or looting enchanted onto it.
  • Can convert Evokers into Artisan villagers. Do this by splashing with weakness potion and renaming with nametag. Artisans sell decorational variants like Invisible Item Frames and Armor Stands with arms.
  • Artisan Scrap is a new item dropped by Evokers and Pillagers while inside a mansion.
  • Silverfish Eggs are a new item dropped by Infested Mobs (Hostile mobs inside a stronghold).
  • Deepmobs (mobs below y=0) can now Pilfer. Hitting the player will destroy a single torch inside their inventory.
  • Craft the Dragon Fruit at the Custom Crafting Table with a dragon egg and an enchanted golden apple. Eating one will expand your maximum health by 3 hearts (6HP).
  • Nomads (custom True Survival wandering traders) will sell players Explorer Kits. These kits will contain helpful loot for the dimension including an explorer map leading to a nearby structure.

Changes/Minor Additions:
  • Converted vikings to using predicates for detection.
  • New boots item tag for condensing viking detection from 6 commands to 1.
  • Converted queens to using predicates for detection.
  • Converted armor set bonuses to using predicates.
  • Converted undead torch stomping to using predicates.
  • Zombies can now stomp torches on the side of blocks.
  • New torches item tag.
  • Converted Healing Salve to using predicates for detection.
  • Converted War Horn to using predicates for detection.
  • War Horn now only works if there's one horn in the offhand.
  • Converted gilded bartering to using predicates for detection.
  • Removed entity detector in sold.mcfunction.
  • Reworked Illager Conversion to be tileable.
  • Illager conversion runs on schedules instead of tick.
  • Illager conversion uses predicates.
  • Converted crafter detection to using schedules instead of tick.
  • Converted creeper immunity to using predicates.
  • Converted biters immunity to using predicates.
  • Added mild hunger tax to safety heal.
  • Maxed out level of base villager for custom crafter in order to prevent XP bars.
  • Removed invisible item frames from Voyager nomad trades.
  • Edited crafter trades to prevent HOTV and gossip affecting custom crafting trades.
  • Gave Spelunker slow falling to grant safety when spawning in large caves.
  • Strider Jockeys now have the glowing effect.
  • Strider spawning now spawn slightly more often.
  • Added jockey spawns entity tag.
  • Nomad hats now have CustomModelData.
  • Removed superfluous loot table rolls for nonstackable, single-item pools.
  • Added 'Otherside' to Stronghold loot.
  • Updated detection for Infested Mobs to keep up with new Silverfish Egg item.
  • Dev Diary now has a settings page.
  • Dev Diary heavily expanded.
  • Added baked potato to Baked cravings tag.
  • Removed pointless recipe grant in root advancement function.
  • Added cobwebs recipe grant for alternate cobweb recipe.
  • Reduced speed of Deepmobs.
  • Changed War Horn from crafter to nonitalic.

Other Additions:
  • True Survival modules link added to official website.
  • Devon's Datapack Resources updated to Version 2.0.

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11/30/2021 11:41 am
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can't wait to play!
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