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Hello people of Planet Minecraft! Turbozack here, and today, in honor of the "minedeas" contest PMC decided to hold I'm posting this blog. So in this blog (which is my first) I will explain some of the things I would like to see in upcoming minecraft updates to make the game...more... Juicy, if you will. So let's start at #1!

#1: Cherries
I feel that minecraft just needs cherries! Mainly because they're awesome. You could find them in a plains biome, or in dungeon/stronghold/mineshaft chests. Plus the villagers would have them in there farms, like the carrots and wheat and so forth they have now.

#2: Penguins
I feel penguins would be a great addition to minecraft, because they are so cute, and fluffy. You should be able to tame them, and if you so choose to kill them, they would drop fish and feathers.

#3: Added Realism
This is something that's been on my mind since I started playing the wonderful masterpiece we call minecraft, and that is added realism. When I give this subject that name, I am referring to things along the lines of: if you overeat you get nausea and slowness. If you fall to far you get slowness. And little things like that, that I believe would both be challenging and a fun addition to minecraft.

#4: Easier Emeralds
Have you ever spent hours in a ravine digging, using numerous pickaxes, and wasting you time in survival trying to find emerald? I have. I frankly, I can not stand it, so people of Planet Minecraft! I think all of you will agree with me when I say: Let emeralds be less rare! I know that they are a delicacy on the same level as diamond, but they are so scarce, that all I would want to do with them, is just collect them.

#5: More Mobs and Flowers
I think that minecraft need more of the things listed above. Mo' creatures is great and all, but mods are not vanilla. And more flowers, witch equals out to more dyes.

Thank you for reading!
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