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Tutorial Time! Skinning: Hsva and Shading

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avatar SanderTheBulider
Level 35 : Artisan Pixel Painter
Hello Guys.

Today i will (hopefully) teach you the HSVA and shading.

I would recommend using either McSkin3D or Paint.net for this.


Basically, as always. you start with making a base of your skin.

You don't need an Tutorial for that i hope :P

Here's mine for an example UzHrpng

Now open up the HSVA section in mcskin3d/paint.net or what ever you use.

So now i picked a random color.


Here's a rule i learned in the H section (HUE)

Darker color against Purple. Light colors against Yellow.

So now i adjusted V and S and H a lot. Since my Technique i Use transparency 40.

Now. While you adjusting it. Make sure you get some nice colors that will be like the color of your choosing.

Here's what i got, after the adjustment.


See. Nifty ain't it?

Now for the shading. Shading you must pretty much figure out your own technique on your own.

But as I said. My Technique is using transparency 40 pencil.

I usually shade first then. if the space left is an nice ''shape'' i make highlights there. I will make a more in-depth tutorial on this.

But for now you can take my result of the skin as an example of shading.


Hope you learned a little :).

Also i want to give a big thanks to Sneeze7 and Leostereo for giving me tips,advices on contrast. Which i hope you learned a little about now.

This is my first tutorial.
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