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Tutorial to ZombieHorde Server (I'm Back!!)

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avatar TheAlmightyLemon
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Hey Guys!

So this is a tutorial for my new favorite server, zombiehord.net! If you haven't seen it yet go check it out!

To start off, I'd like to say that if anyone was disappointed I left (not likely) I've come back to Minecraft :)

Well to get to the tutorial :)


There are many different Arenas to level up in, and what i like about this server that makes it unique, is that the xp you get is not from plain kills its the actual orbs you get from the zombies. You start at level 1 and rank Dead Meat, to join an arena go right click a sign when it shows in the chat that "Name: Arena # has finished, and is now open." Once you enter an arena you must pick a class, you start off as Default which is directly in front of you. I would recommend playing the "Cold Dead Horde" arena, as it has quite a bit of space, so you are less likely to be trapped in a corner. An easy way to enter an arena if it is crowded is by typing /playersoff or /players and they will disappear from view.


Gold Nuggets are the currency used on the server, which drops from zombies as you kill them but be careful as other players can run by and steal your gold. You can buy many things with gold, enderpearls are used as grenades as you throw them, iron ingots to craft armor, and iron and diamond swords to help you in combat are available along with other things. Another useful thing to purchase is an Iron Golem egg to help combat the zombies!


There are different types of zombies on the server, the traditional zombies just hit you as do the villagers but you may get poisoned, pigzombies can disorient you, which make you blind and give the nausea affect, and zombie children run faster and can also poison. The child zombies are hard to hit as they run fast but can quickly be taken out by a grenade, and the pigmen can be annoying but they do not come until higher rounds so i wouldn't worry until you get there.

Ranks and Classes

There are different ranks which come with specific levels, rank 1 Dead Meat has the Default class, which gives a basic set of food and a stone sword. Still Alive unlocks at level 15 and gives the Ranger class. Rank 3, Survivalist unlocks at level 30 and gives the Ruralist class. Rank 4, Untouchable unlocks the Veteran class at level 45. Tank, Swordsmaster, and Hoarder are unlocked at Level 80 with Rank 5. Rank 6 at level 150 unlocks the Titan, Samurai, and Treasurer classes. Vagrant and Sentinel are unlocked after resetting your rank at level 175, and upon reaching level 205 you get Sentinel. There are currently 4 donator classes, Bloodsucker, Paladin, Saboteur, and Assassin, which are $10 each.





Well that's it, if you feel i should add anything else post it in the comments!

~The Almighty Lemon :)
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