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Tutorial): Ways to Build Your Base Part 1: By AreoDynamic

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How do I build an awesome base in Minecraft?

That's a question oft-asked here on PlanetMinecraft, which is home to more than 600,000 members. There's many, many threads with people asking what they should put into their base, to make it more awesome. So here's a comprehensive list of things to remember when building your base, and what things you should have in your base. I realize there are other threads like this, chiefly the one started by user A Blind Moron, but this one is even longer and more detailed than most of the others.

Please note that all of the projects to make in your world that are detailed in here are useful for Minecraft purposes. In this thread, I won't give you ideas for building castles, or lighthouses, or mansions, etc. All of the ideas in here automate your Minecraft experience, and all of the projects have an actual use in your world that automates your Minecraft life even more.

Do you watch youtube channels like Etho and Docm77, where they have completely automated worlds and every cool invention possible? Possibly want an even better world than them? This list is for you, too! Many of the ideas brought up in this thread will give you ideas for cool things you could make in your world!

So, let's begin!

Caution for people with slow computers, opening all the spoilers will give you a block of text 15 pages long. Don't worry, though, pictures are wrapped inside individual spoilers. This will be part 1 of the series, and I will post the part 2 of "Ways to build your base on Minecraft" Well, Enjoy reading :)

What To Put in Your Base

Seed farm:
One can easily make a seed farm by having a patch of grass in your base that's above your head. Bonemeal it from below, and then use a piston-controlled stream of water to bring the seeds down onto your head!

Wheat Farm:
Bread is a good food source for everyday Minecrafting. It revives your hunger bar 2 and a half bars, and is stackable for easy carrying. Wheat is stackable too, so you can have a few stacks of wheat and a crafting table in your inventory, and be set on food for quite a while. Look at the screenshot below for an example of an wheat farm:

Posted Image

Melon Farm:
Melons are a good food source in the game. Although they only heal one hunger bar, they are easily farmable and plentiful once you have melon seeds. Of course, though, finding the actual seeds is harder than a lot of other sources of food. Look at the screenshot for an example of an melon farm!
Posted Image

Pumpkin Farm:
While Pumpkins aren't a food source, and aren't useful for too many things, they are good for making into Jack-O Lanterns asa cheap substitute for Glowstone, or put them on your head to avoid Endermen! Here, have a picture of a pumpkin farm:
Posted Image

Mushroom Farm:
Mushrooms! Yay! Mushrooms are incredibly useful in Minecraft. Bonemeal a mushroom to turn it into a Giant Mushroom, perfect for making a cute little house out of. Or, bonemeal mushrooms, and then break the mushroom blocks to harvest regular mushrooms! Make some bowls out of wood in your crafting bench, and then craft mushroom stew on the fly (it doesn't require a crafting bench). Look att the screenshot below for a view of a mushroom farm:
Posted Image

Sugarcane Farm:
Sugarcane is a lot more useful than it's made out to be. It can be crafted down to sugar, which is useful in potions and for making cake. Also, with raw sugarcane, you can make paper, then books, and then even bookshelves, which are useful as decoration and enchanting! So, make a sugarcane farm today. I don't really think you need a picture for this-- just put sugarcane around water, and set up a piston harvesting system.

Tree Farm:
Ah, the tree farm. A staple of Minecraft life, tree farms supply you with the essential Minecraft material, wood. Whether you want a simple tree farm, or to get fancy with exactly spaced trees that can be cut down with an Efficiency axe while sprinting, a tree farm is a must so that you don't have to go and tear down your neighboring forests every time you want some wood. No picture for this one either, because designs vary quite a bit.

NetherWart Farm:
If you want to use potions, a good source of Netherwart is a must. Since Netherwart will only grow in the Nether, this needs to be made in the Nether. Use an automatic Netherwart farm, or just create a manual (but very cool-looking) farm, using end stone and vines on the walls. Your friends will wonder how you designed a farm so well! Look below for an example of an nether wart farm:
Posted Image
Cactus Farm:
Besides making green dye for green wool, cacti in Minecraft are really useless. But you should have a farm for them anyway! Cactus farms are probably the easiest automated Minecraft farm to make, because they don't require any pistons to collect them. Just put a block that will knock off the cactus when it appears. Extra points if you build the farm in a giant model of a cactus, made out of green wool. Here's a pic of a simple farm:Posted Image

Cobblestone Generator:
Ah, man, cobble is common, right? You get far too much of it from mining. But make a cobble generator anyway! It's useful for building large projects involving smooth stone. Just collect tons of cobble, and smelt it in your furnace room using blaze rods from your blaze farm. (More on this later). No pic for this one, because cobble farms are fairly easy to make.

Retractible Workbench:
Do you want an automated Minecraft world, where everything is convenient and easy to do? Look no further than a retractible workbench! If your base is underground, you might want to consider having these around your base. Using a piston and some redstone, make a workbench spring out of a wall when you press a button. Look it up on YouTube if you want to know how to do the wiring. Sorry, no picture.

Enchanting Room:Enchanting rooms are a must for enchanting your diamond tools with Level 50 enchants. Put a row of bookshelves 2 blocks high around your enchanting table, all one block away from it. Put the enchanting table in the middle of it. Optionally, put a glowstone block under the enchantment table to spread light in the room, because light passes through enchanting tables. Be sure not to put any paintings, torches, etc. between the table and the bookshelves, because that will stop you from getting high level enchantments (because it deactivates some of the bookshelves). If you like, put an awesome texture pack on that will make the room look even better! Look below to see one example:

Posted Image

Potion Room:
Every good automated base needs an automated potion room. One good setup is the one that Etho uses in his Etho's Lab Minecraft LP. It's hard to describe, but buttons on the walls with signs describing the items used activates dispensers with items that float down to you, making the potionmaking experience nearly automated. All you need to do then is put the ingredients in the brewing table. For more information and step-by step instructions on how to make this, look here.

Storage Room:
Every good base needs a storage room! Go wild with this room. You should decorate it and make it look as cool as possible. Look at the "Block Combinations" section of this thread to get some ideas for building a storage room. If you really want to get fancy, make an auto minecart system that carts certain types of supplies to you at the press of a button (or the flip of a lever).

Sleeping Room:
Yawnn... you're sleepy, aren't you? All of that hard work in the mines is really getting to you. So build yourself a nice bedroom! You could make a canopy bed using half slabs beside the bed and a roof over, or make a bunk bed using the "floating bed" trick. Or, if you reside in an above-ground home, make a bedroom looking out onto a Minecraft ocean! Look below for an picture of an sleeping room:


Pixel Room:
Have a boring wall in your base? No ideas on how to decorate it? Make some pixel art on the wall! One example is down below:


Creeper Farm:
The truth of the matter is that most people need a lot of TNT for Minecraft projects. If you are a Minecraft pro, TNT is really useful for hollowing out large areas underground for making temples, or whatever. But for TNT, you're going to need a lot of gunpowder! Creeper farms are relatively easy to make-- make a regular mob trap, and have the collection tube be in the sun. Use glass for the collection tube, and regular mobs will burn in the sunlight, leaving only creepers behind. K.O. them for gunpowder. It's a bit hard to explain, but check out some of Etho's early videos to see his mob trap.

Skeleton Farm:
Once you find a skeleton dungeon, you can easily make a skeleton farm. Make the skeletons drop 23 blocks if you want an XP farm (with added drops) or 24 blocks if you just want to be able to AFK and get insane amounts of arrows and bones. Here's a blueprint of a skelly farm, using a dungeon:


Spider Farm:
You can make a spider farm, using a spider dungeon, for plenty of string and spider eyes. If you're looking for a Cave Spider farm design, see the Cave Spider section, which will be added tomorrow.

Block Museum:
Do you want Minecraft to have a goal? Try and make a block museum! Create a room in your base, with a slot for every legit obtainable block in the game. If books ever become writable in, chronicle your adventures to find each block in a book next to the block. Or, you can post your story on signs in a secret piston-opened room behind the block museum.

Shooting Range:
Have more arrows from your skeleton trap than you know what to do with? Build a shooting range to test your skills and accuracy in Minecraft shooting! Bonus points if you have a scoreboard that's automatically operated by redstone when you shoot the target. Look down below for one example:
Posted Image

Giant Mine:
Of course, this is a given. Every base needs a mine. But what if you're bored of the same old stone caves? Take some glowstone, some soul sand, some leaf blocks, some netherrack, and any other interesting blocks and decorate the caves around your house! You'll actually enjoy walking through the caves near your base to get to that new unexplored area, and people will gasp when they see the cool caves.

Record Farm:Now, with the Minecraft update, you can get all of the records by getting a skeleton to kill a creeper. There's plenty of designs on YouTube for a record farm, so just look it up. Then, after you get all of the records, make a record room in your base with tons of jukeboxes and chests with all the records! Come into the room whenever you're feeling a bit musical, and play your favorite tune in Minecraft. (My personal favorite is cat).

Every base needs a little pool where you can farm squid and catch fish! Fish are a nice-healthy food source, high in Omega- 3's (in real life!) Make a little pool in your base, and decorate the pool room with some tall grass, vines, and sugar cane to give it that tropical feel!

Charcoal generator:
This is fairly simple. Just have a wall of furnaces, making charcoal, outside of your tree farm. This will generate plenty of charcoal, which is good incase your coal supply is running out. Did you know that you can also use blaze rods to cook things in furnaces, besides charcoal? Blaze rods are really more efficient than charcoal, once you get a blaze farm up and running.

Nether portal room (w/ off/on switch):
Build a cool room for your Nether portal! You probably go in and out of it very often, so why not make the entrance look pretty dang cool? For one example of a really cool portal room, click right here! Also, you should have an off/on switch for your portal. It is possible to turn a portal off and on using a button. If you don't believe me, look at docm77's world, where he has one.

Build a mysterious library, using redstone torches and vines to give it a mysterious feel! For optional awesomeness, you could put your enchanting room in the library, too!

Rain Detector:
If you live underground in Minecraft, it might be useful to know if it's raining or not. It's possible to make this; look here to see how to make it.

More Uncategorized Ideas:
These will hopefully be categorized later, when I have more time.

-Apple farm
-Block combination room (from Xisuma?s World S2E6 ?Glowstone?)
-Light switches in each room
-Piston elevators everywhere
-Mooshroom automatic food dispenser
-Cat farm
-Resupply/Emergency Room (Xisuma?s design)
-Night detector (using villagers)
-Iron farm using iron golems

Well, Thanks for reading guys and remember to diamond, favorite, and subscribe to me :)


~ AreoDynamic

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