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[Tutorial] World-Edit - Planting flowers with commands

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avatar Springstof
Level 70 : Legendary Demolitionist
Hello there! If you are a builder or terraformer, you've probably wondered how you can plant flowers in a efficient and dynamical way without having to plant them by hand or using bonemeal. If you haven't figured it out yet, World-Edit has several functions that will make your life so much easier that I'm going to share with you right now!

//flora command

First of all, there is the '//flora' command. Simply select a region and execute this command. Grass, poppies and dandelions will be spawned on top of random empty grass blocks. This is a very easy command if you do not need custom plant distribution or special flowers.



- Pros: Easy to use, requires no additional masks, little no nothing that can go wrong
- Cons: Not customizable, only spawns selective flowers.

Low flower brushes

This method is extremely volatile and allows you to paint flowers to your map in a very dynamic and adaptive way. The command lines may seem daunting at first, but if you try out to modify it and experiment with it in a safe environment, you will notice that it's actually really easy to customize this command to your particular desires!

Note 1: This command works on World-Edit brushes. Make sure you execute both the main command and the mask command on the same brush tool! If you forget this, you can potentially mess up your project without the possibility to use the //undo command! Do not forget the apostrophes!
Note 2: The brush size on this command is '5', but I would recommend using a size of 10 for larger surfaces. You can change the limit in the World-Edit configuration file.


/br s 90%31:1,50%0,31:2,37,38,38:1,38:2,38:3,38:4,38:5,38:6,38:7,38:8 5
/mask '>2 0'

The first command basically stands for this:
- 90% Grass
- 50% Air
- 1% Fern
- 1% Of every flower (11% in total)

Note that these percentages are actually proportional, and not in actual percentages. 90% grass just means it will spawn 90 as much as any flower that spawns at a rate of 1%. If you want to leave out any flower, or change the ratio, just look up their item ID and either remove them or add a percentage rating in front of their ID.

- Pros: Very flexible, fully customizable, fast and volatile, unlimited combinations
- Cons: Dangerous if executed poorly, may take some time to master, does not fill entire fields

Another way to use this command, is by selecting a region, and executing these commands in this particular order. Do NOT forget to use the /gmask command first, or you may destroy your project!


/gmask '>2 0'
//replace 0 90%31:1,50%0,31:2,37,38,38:1,38:2,38:3,38:4,38:5,38:6,38:7,38:8

- Pros: Fully customizable, extremely fast, unlimited combinations
- Cons: Dangerous if executed poorly, may take some time to master, does not leave open grass fields

High flower brushes

These commands are similar to the previous commands, but they require one extra more step. Tall flowers consist of two blocks, which means that a single brush cannot spawn them in. There is a workaround for this by simply using two brushes. Before you use this brush, make sure you understand the working of the previous brushes.


For this action, you will need two separate tools. On the first tool, you execute these brush binds:

/br s 50%0,0.1%175:0,175:1,8%175:2,2%175:3,175:4,175:5 4
/mask '>2 0'

Note: The brush sizes in these examples are 4 and 5 respectively. It is highly recommended that the second brush is a little bit bigger, because it will need to cover the entire radius of the first brush in order to work correctly. If you use higher brush radii, consider using the sizes 8 and 10 respectively.

On the second brush, you execute these binds:

/br s 175:10 5
/mask '>175:0,175:1,175:2,175:3,175:4,175:5,175:6 0'

Now continue by clicking on the ground with the first brush. Immediately after that, switch to the second brush and click on the center of the generated flowers. Because your second brush has a larger radius, it does not have to be 100% accurate, but the further your aim is off, the more flowers will remain unfinished. Make sure you use the second brush very soon after using the first one. Some unfinished flowers tend to pop up and disappear if you leave them be.

The first command basically stands for this:

- 50% Air
- 0.1% Sunflower
- 1% Lilac
- 8% Tall grass
- 2% Tall fern
- 1% Rose bush
- 1% Peony

- Pros: Very flexible, fully customizable, fast and volatile, unlimited combinations
- Cons: Dangerous is executed poorly, may take some time to master, does not fill entire fields, may leave some half flowers

Note 1: For this command too, there is a way to populate selections. Just select a region and execute these four commands in order. Again, be very careful not to forget any, and test out the sequence thoroughly before applying it to any serious project. Always make back-ups before using these commands!
Note 2: If you want to plant both small and large flowers, it is recommended to use this sequence first, because this command leaves more open space! You can experiment with the different proportions of course. If you decide to use these commands as I provided them, the small flowers should come last.
Note 3: Make sure you select a region that is at least two blocks higher than the highest grass block, or the flowers will not all be completed!


/gmask '0 >2'
//replace 0 80%0,0.1%175:0,175:1,8%175:2,2%175:3,175:4,175:5
/gmask '>175:0,175:1,175:2,175:3,175:4,175:5,175:6 0'
//replace 0 175:10

- Pros: Very flexible, fully customizable, fast and volatile, unlimited combinations, does not leave half flowers
- Cons: Dangerous if executed poorly, may take some time to master, needs to be executed quite fast, or flowers will disappear

I hope this guide can prove to be useful for you! If you have any questions, comment them down below, and I'll do my best to answer them.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or requests!

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09/14/2017 8:33 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Crafter
I love WorldEdit! Just wish it was available for single player, which it hasn't been since 1.12.1! :( BTW, these were awesome tips.

I have a question about these brushes: is it possible to set a brush that will only plant items like the giant ferns on say podzol, and not dirt or grass?
09/15/2017 10:09 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Demolitionist
Of course! Just use these commands instead:

/br s 0,3%175:3
/mask '>3:2 0'

/br s 175:10 5
/mask '>175:3 0'
08/18/2017 2:59 pm
Level 44 : Master Architect
Awesome little tricks that I'll be sure to use in the future. Thanks for the tips!
08/18/2017 6:05 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Demolitionist
You're welcome!
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