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Ugh... Never mind, this is just too tiring.

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avatar MrNeonShot
Level 20 : Expert Geek
Hey guys.
Originally, I wrote another blog about the blog "Ugh... Planet Minecraft." In "Ugh... Planet Minecraft", I was writing it not to offend anyone, but to express my feelings, but one of the moderators (not mad, bro.) decided it was inappropriate. So, I wrote another blog, saying how Ugh... didn't break any rules, but decided that would probably be removed. So, I thought of another solution.

deviantART! I always get on there to check other artists pictures, read some Journals, ect. Why couldn't I just post my blogs on there? It isn't Planet Minecraft, so I am free to express my own opinion. But I still have an unanswered questions.
+ Why can't PMC add an RPG section to the chatroom?
+ Why can't PMC send messages about the problem, so that user's can fix the problem?
+ Is the MEMBERS button fixed?
-If not, is PMC fixing the bug?

Thank you for reading, and check out my deviantART for the blogs removed on here.
Just in case you think I'm never getting back on PMC, I am happy to abide by the rules given, and I really like the community. I'll post the blogs on here and on deviantART, just in case it was decided they were inappropriate to posts.

DISCLAIMER: No matter what you think, this post is not here to offende/slander/ect. It exists so I can express my opinion on my faith in PMC post's lasting.
Link to my deviantART: http://mrneonshot.deviantart.com/

04/25/2013 10:13 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Engineer
":Why can't PMC add an RPG section to the chatroom?"

I would think that is because RPG has nothing to do with minecraft and the only time you will find them intertwined is on specially set up minecraft servers, and the number of those kinds of servers don't even come close to the amount needed to be reconized as an actualy part of minecraft. If you want RPG, play an RPG game.
04/27/2013 8:56 pm
Level 20 : Expert Geek
It's not that RPG has nothing to do with minecraft, but that as a community chat room, all you do is talk, and even THAT is restricted. Ã Having an RPG part of the chatroom would give people the chance to play, should they want to.
Getting an RPG game... I already have LoZ, but you can't talk to other people.

And I don't see any more feedback about the REST of the post.
04/25/2013 10:13 pm
Level 29 : Expert Mage
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