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Ultimate Guide on How to Make Your Minecraft YouTube Channel Better

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avatar Anthony10
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DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that doing all these things will get you 1000000000 subscribers, however I am just saying these tips will HELP your youtube channel. Also I am not saying I am the best youtuber in the world or that I do all these things.
Any videos or files linked that are not created by me I do not take credit for.

10 Steps to Help Make Your Minecraft YouTube Channel Better

By Anthony10MC | Youtube Channel

Hello there! I'm Anthony and today I have for you a special tutorial on some steps to help improve your Minecraft YouTube Channel. These are not listed in any specific order. Please read disclaimer before criticizing me.

Step #1 - Have a professional YouTube background. This is very easy to do and makes your channel look more appealing, professional, and it will make people who look at your channel give you a chance.

How to easily make a Minecraft YouTube channel background:

1.) Download Photoshop. Tutorial on how to get it free here.

2.) Download my YouTube Channel Background Template

3.) Open up the template in Photoshop

4.) Find a picture here, click on it > right click on it > save image as

5.) Open up the image in Photoshop

6.) Drag the tab the image is in on to the channel template. Then drag the layer of the image onto the channel template. Make sure your image layer is above the template group layers.

7.) Re-size the image (ctrl+t) to fit all the way to the green area. Do not worry about any part of the image outside of it.

8.) Find a font on www.dafont.com/

9.) Write your YouTube name in that font in the middle of the image. Make sure the text layer is above the image layer.

10.) In a smaller font size, make another text box underneath your name with your slogan or what your content is.

11.) Download Minecraft Skin Viewer, open it and type your Minecraft name in. Right click your character > background > transparent. Make your character in your preferred pose by clicking and dragging a body part. Right click your character > save image as

12.) Open your character image in Photoshop. Drag the tab the character image is in on to the channel template. Then drag the layer of the character image onto the channel template. Make sure your character image layer is above the background image.

13.) Move around your character to your liking on the background.

14.) File > Save for Web > Under "Presets" click the drop down menu and select PNG-24 > Save


Step #2 - If your channel is all Minecraft or dominantly Minecraft, make your channel avatar your Minecraft skin's face.

How to Obtain Your Minecraft Skin's Face

1.) Go here

2.) Change Image Size to 240x240

3.) Type your Minecraft name in the "MC Username" slot

4.) Generate character Avatar

5.) Right click > save image as

Step #3 - Create an upload schedule that you know you can stick to. Have a day for extra uploads. Make sure that you can always upload the days you select. Once you create your schedule, post it in your about tab.

Schedule Template:

Upload Schedule: Sunday - MINECRAFT | Monday - MINECRAFT | Tuesday - MINECRAFT | Wednesday - MINECRAFT | Thursday - MINECRAFT | Friday - MINECRAFT | Saturday - MINECRAFT

Step #4 - Having appropriate voice tone for your videos. For example, if you're making a Hunger Games video, do not have a boring monotone tone - Have a happy excited energetic tone. The better the tone the more enjoyable it is for the viewer.

Step #5 - Do videos with other YouTubers. Having a go-to friend or group to make videos with is great. The more people in a video create a more interesting commentary and video, remember... audio is half if not more than half of the video.

Step #6 - Having professional thumbnails on your videos. A great tutorial on this is by Mindcracker jsano19 using a household program, Microsoft Powerpoint, is here.

Step #7 - Interact with subscribers. Whether you get one of 100 comments on your video, the more comments you reply to the better. YouTube watchers love to see a reply from a content creator. It assures them that the content creator cares about their subscribers. It also makes you closer to your viewers.

Step #8 - Make original creative content. For example, if xisumavoid makes a chicken farm, do not make the same chicken farm and make a video on it. Try to create original content.

Creative content is very important. Viewers subscribe to people because the content creator has different commentary, play style, or even content than other YouTubers. Making your channel it's own instead of "copying" other YouTubers leads to success and sharing of your videos.

Step #9 - Create or share your content in other places such as here on PMC. It is almost like advertising, but free. If you make good content on one place, then why wouldn't you on YouTube? That is the exact thing that runs through someone's head when they go to your YouTube channel from an external website.

Step #10 - Use your skills to give back to your subscribers, in other words, GIVEAWAYS. Now you might be thinking, "Well I can't afford to give away $100 of products and I don't want to!" I have come up with a solution to that exact problem - Using your skills to giveaway. For example, I am decent with the program Photoshop, so I am planning to giveaways of graphics I make on photoshop.

Thank you all for reading and I'm sure I will be adding to this and editing this a lot. Leave any questions and comments down below. If you found an error, please leave a comment letting me know what the error is or a private message.

Thank you all and goodluck with your YouTube Channels!
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02/09/2014 6:35 pm
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01/12/2014 8:59 am
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Thanks for all the useful info, still having some trouble making my banner tho :C but anyway thx for all the good advice ;)
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