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Umad impersonator?

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avatar goobersfussfuss
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Umad Impersonator?

Note: The owner of the server is Quinton :o

Hey guys!
A while ago I had an impersonator came on botcraft
and claimed tobe Tobias Mollstam...
So here is how it plays out:

Warlord22 joins the server.

He asks for the owner.
Since I am the admin I claim to assist him instead.
Warlord asked he could assist the server and make it popular.
Now I knew that this was a scam but instead of saying "No", I
just went with

Now my plan is to totally tell the
truth to him.

He goes on to ask for my username and password to minecraft to "Clarify"
that my account is not cracked... I said that I did legally bought the game
back when it was cheap, but he still was stubburn.

So instead of giving him my username and password, I asked
if I could ask him questions first. He agreed...

I asked for his name. He took
over 15 minutes for him to type his name...
He said that he was Tobias Mollstam from Mojang.

I looked up Tobias Mollstam to find that he is a web developer.
Then I ask what age Tobias is... He said that he was 25.

After that he asked again
for my username and password...

I decided to speak the truth...

               I asked :
"How come a web developer
wants to know my username and
password to my account?"

Warlord: "..."

Me: "hmm?"

Warlord: "Excuse me?"

me: "I asked the question.. I need an answer"

Warlord: "You could have told me that you wanted no help"

Me: "It's just abnormal that a web
designer needs to know my username
and password."

"Tell anyone my secrets user, and I'll personally ban you!"

Warlord: "Have a nice day, Happy Mining!"

Me: Oooh Im soo scared! Ha! Fake! lol!!

And that concludes the fact that trolls aren't good at impersonating.


03/08/2014 8:34 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Thats so cool to be an admin on a server! I was once admin... but something awful happened. Anyway, nice blog! It's funny but idiotic to pretend to be a web developer.
What happened to me when I was admin?:
I was once admin with my bff admin, Scarlet. The nicest person on the planet you will ever meet, this was a private server for testing. We were to help. We loved to make these builds with funny plugins and mods like super tnt that blew up to 80 blocks. We were using a bunch of world edit and so so, I'm admin on MANY places, but this was the time I lost adminship. I was pretty new as an admin. And this other admin came on, and really liked me. This was when the owner was annoying me by when ever I was stopping (still flying) he would tnt the ground over me and loved to shoot confetti fire charges at me. I could tell right away he liked me (I remember he was in a Link skin, but this was before I discovered PMC) He was playing and annoying me just like the owner. After a while my admin crew and the other admin were arguing about me. He always got close to me, laughed and tried to make silly "fun" of me while I was afk and joking around it, etc. My friends didnt like it at all. Just when my friends were trying to decide if we should de-op him, he banned EVERYONE else but me... PERMANANTLY. Even the owner!!! He was like... "Let's start a server together," I said "No... This server is ruined. You completely ruined it all, I'm never coming back on.. Nobody will love your server anymore. (And last time I checked my server, he was right. I banned him and made myself the owner.) The end... XD Kinda weird story, right?
03/16/2014 4:30 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Wow. That guy is creeeeeppppyyy... Im sorry you had those guys hitting on you like that.
If the owner was smart enough, he would have used the console to unban himself and the rest of the other admins...
Reminds me of my day.... (sounds like an old lady when I said that) XDDD
You should make some server storys like this :3 Tell what it's like to be and admin and stuff :D
03/16/2014 6:15 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Explorer
Lol :P
12/03/2013 12:24 am
Level 28 : Expert Unicorn
IF I was there... Warlord: (ranting about how he need a my password and shhhhhhtuff) Me: No. Warlord: (continues) Me: Watermelon *warlord confused* Me: Purple zebra pants. AND THEN... he leaves out of confusion. DONE
09/15/2013 4:20 am
Level 30 : Artisan Artist
Sorry that the font gets tiny, I tried to resize it but it wont work :(
I hope you guys enjoyed the blog/server story though! :)
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