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Under the Docks, Secrets of the Sea Chapter/Episode 2: Strange New World (POP REEEEEEEEL)

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After Tomoko had gotten out of the library with a delicious breakfast of toast, she realized once again she was late. She was running to her “house”, a net under a dock which led to the pier, to get her fishing rod and she decided to lug her backpack around as well since it had food in it.

Her friends, Ayiko, Katsu, and the triplets came along for the ride. Ayiko said she was worried, Katsu just started following them, and the triplets didn’t want to be left out.

As the six friends rounded the corner, Tomoko stopped dead in her tracks. The rest stopped soon after and turned to face her, only to see a face of shock and terror. As Masaaki turned around to greet them, Tomoko called out, “Come here now! Something is behind you!” and as Masaaki turned around to see what it was, on his face was an expression not of fear or terror, but of querying despair; as if to say, What is it doing here so soon?

The kids began running from the black-blue void closing towards them, but it was too late.

When Tomoko had woken up, she sat up immediately and looked around to find herself in a grass field surrounded by trees, and behind her was a huge spruce house with a blue-wood tall roof and amethyst crystal lining. She could sense water nearby, and as she stood up to go find it, she was stilled by the unconscious face of Katsu.

“Katsu! Katsu, wake up!” she said as she tried to shake him awake.

“That won’t work”, called out a familiar voice. It was Ayiko. “I tried doing that with you. You didn’t wake up until about 30 minutes later.”

She looked at her with mystery. It appeared she was sitting on a bush, and she hadn’t realized Katsu was awake. He did the same thing as Tomoko when he woke up; immediately sat up and as Tomoko turned toward him, they hit their heads.

“Ow..” Tomoko said with visible and hearable pain. If Katsu’s head was any harder, they’d use it to knock down old buildings.

“S-sorry!” Katsu’s forehead was barely damaged.

“It’s ok. Stuff like this happens”, Tomoko replied. “Where are we anyway?”

“I dunno”, Ayiko said. “When I got here, after I sat down after trying to wake you up, I just started floating.”

“Floating?!” Tomoko exclaimed. Katsu looked like he wanted to go back to sleep.”Wait. Where are the triplets?”

 “Oh, they weren’t here when I woke up. I think they went inside the house.”

“What house- oh. That house.” As she turned to look at the somewhat creepy house in front of them, she didn’t experience thoughts of fear or tragedy, but of excitement. A new adventure. As much as she loved her old life back at the docks, she couldn’t help but think she’d been brought here for a reason; and she thought that reason was to explore. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go in.”

The two others stared at her. “No!” Katsu said like it was obvious it was haunted. “What if there’s ghosts? We could get” he whispered, “unalived!”

“Oh stop being a baby, Katsu, and go in with us”, she replied.

“Did you not just hear me?!”

“What are we supposed to do if we just stay out here, huh? Sit and wait for the ghosts to come out here? If we’re gonna die, we should face it head on!”

“First, ghosts can’t leave their designated spots. Second, I dunno, but at least it’s safe!”

“What if there’s no ghosts?” Tomoko said to try to stop their fight.

The two looked at her like she was insane, then kept bickering. While they weren’t paying attention, Tomoko rolled her eyes and opened the doors, only to hear a loud gust of wind come from inside the house.

Katsu and Ayiko stared at her in disbelief; Katsu, because he was terrified, and Ayiko, because she didn’t expect her to do that, obviously.

“I told you! You released them! You released the ghosts!”

“What happened to ‘ghosts can leave their spots’ guy?”

“Who says their spots weren’t this whole space and they couldn’t open the door?!”

“Well then, couldn’t they have just floated through the door?”

“What if somebody put a seal on the door?!”

“I don’t see one!”

“What if they made it invisible?!”

“What if they didn’t? How did they get all the ghosts in the house anyway? Tomoko, please tell him that he’s being superstitious and there aren’t any ghosts. Tomoko?”

She was already inside the house.

“Just come one, guys! It’s fine!” Ayiko started off the house, and Katsu followed slowly behind, breaking into a run whenever he needed to. When all three were in the house, the doors slammed shut.

“Now look what you got us into!” he shouted at Akiyo.

“ME?! Tomoko was the one who led us in there!”

“I wouldn’t have gone in if you hadn’t first!”


“GUYS! Just SHUT UP for ONE SECOND.” Tomoko shouted. “I think I hear something.”

Ayiko relaxed.

Katsu trembled.

Tomoko listened.

“Well, you must be the leader!” said a small voice, somewhere above Tomoko. “Since you’re the only one who can stop their pesterous arguments. Super annoying if you ask me.”

“Oh I feel you there.” The two looked at her in shock and hurt. “Wait. Who are you, and why do you switch between the dialogues of an old middle-eastern grandma and a modern teenager?”

“I think you mean ‘what’, child.” They heard a swoosh, and she whispered into Katsu’s ear, “I’m your worst nightmare.”

Katsu shook and made a sound kind of like a cross between a terrified mouse and a defensive cat.

The old teen ghost lady thing chuckled, and that chuckle turned into a full on L.O.L. “Sorry, sorry, it’s been so long since Master has given me friends.. But I’ve said enough.” They heard a snap, and they were by a fire pit in the living room. “When did this fire start?” queried Tomoko.

“When I teleported you, of course! I’m a powerful ghost, sweetie, deal with it.”

“There she goes again”, Tomoko mumbled.

“Now tell me about yourselves! Names, ages, and where you came from, specifically.”

“If we do, will you send us back ho- ow! Akiyo, what was that for?!”

“Be polite! I’m Akiyo, 15, and we all came from the eastern coast of Japan.”

“Tomoko, 15.”

“Katsu, 15.”

“So he brought me young ones. This should be fun.”

“Huh?” asked Akiyo.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Feel free to explore!”

After they all had their fun exploring and finding a kitchen and bedrooms, the ghost lady told them it was time to pick roommates.

“We have another resident that Master is sending over, so the one left out will have to room with a ghost.”

“Wait”, Tomoko said, “have you seen 3 kids come in here, other than us? Constantly bickering, short, tall and normal sized?”

She hesitated before answering, “Nope. You guys are the only ones. Now pick a roomie!”

Tomoko was suspicious. But she decided not to ask any more questions. She turned around to see Katsu about to ask her something, when Akiyo jumped on her back. “To battle, roomie!”

“Akiyo- I can’t breathe- agh-”


As the two girls headed off to claim the blue bedroom, Katsu followed slowly behind out of fear and sadness; and a hint of betrayal. He knew Tomoko liked him too, he wasn’t stupid; he could see the signs. But oh well. Chance lost.

He could hear the girls laughing and talking as he passed their room to get to the red room. He was not as excited to meet his roomie.

Thank God there was a changing room. Now he wouldn’t have to change in front of a creepy ghost.

When he came out he saw there was a lump under the first bed. He knew that was not his bed nearly immediately. As he climbed into his, he heard a rustle of bed sheets and comforters. He heard a pitchy, yet somewhat youngish,distinctively male voice,

“I can help you get closer to your crush~”

He untensed. He looked around to see a masked face and transparent body. It was an animal mask, like those from the ancient times of Japan.

He hesitated, then asked, “How?”

He heard a chuckle. “Well, you probably aren’t gonna like this, but… I’m gonna need your body for a while.”

writer's thoughts:
ship tomokatsu for clear skin
mmmmmmmmmmmmm did i make him sound like dylan from modern family or hanako?

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