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avatar Prince Balloon
Level 44 : Master Prince
So, balloon, apparently a LOT of balloon people have trouble understanding Undertale's storyline, which I can balloon understand! It appears to get sort of balloon crazy toward the middle and end, so today I will try to explain it best I can :D (With evidence provided, of course) (No balloons)

A long, long time ago, humans and monsters ruled the surface world together, in peace. They weren't the most kind to one-another, but they coexisted. One day, however, the humans began to fear the monsters, for though the human soul was infinitely more powerful than the monster soul, monster souls would disappear right after their death, while human souls wouldn't. This meant that while any monster could absorb any human's soul and become insanely powerful, the only soul the humans had any chance of absorbing were those of the royal family of monsters. The Boss Monsters. So, the humans, afraid of the monster's power, began a war that was more of a massacre, killing many hundreds of monsters... Eventually, the monsters had to surrender, and the rest of them were sealed underground with a magic spell performed by seven mages. Therefore, it would take the power of seven human souls to release the monsters from their prison...

The story begins in 201X, when a child named Chara, or whatever you name the fallen child, falls down Mount Ebbot - on purpose. After they fell, realizing they were still alive, they called out for help...
... Luckily, someone came. Asriel, son of Toriel and Asgore, the Queen and King of the underground and all monsters heard Chara, and came to their aid. He took them home to his parent's, and his parents healed them and took them in as one of their own. Chara was seen as the future between humans and monsters.
Of course, Chara didn't like this, and Asriel knew it, because Chara had revealed to Asriel that they hated humanity. It's unknown why they hated it, but the story would have had to be tragic for them never to want to talk about it, not even to their close sibling, Asriel. One day, Chara and Asriel decided to make pie for Asgore, but they messed up the recipe. They mistook "Cups of butter" for "Buttercups" ... As you may know, buttercups are poisonous, so while Asriel was crying over his sick father, Chara laughed it off... They had a plan. A plan to destroy humanity and free all monsters forever.
"Howdy, Chara! Smile for the camera! Ha, this time I got YOU! I left the cap on... ON PURPOSE! Now you're
smiling for noooo reason! Hee hee hee! What? Oh, yeah, I remember. When
we tried to make butterscotch pie for Dad, right? The recipe asked for
cups of butter. But we accidentally put in buttercups instead. Yeah!
Those flowers got him really sick. I felt so bad. We made Mom really
upset. I should have laughed it off, like you did... Um, anyway, where
are you going with this? Huh? Turn off the camera...? OK.
This is exactly what Asriel said as Chara told him about their plan.
"I... I don't like this idea, Chara. Wh.. what? N-no,
I'm not... ... big kids don't cry. Yeah, you're right. No! I'd never
doubt you, Chara... Never! Y... yeah! We'll be strong!
We'll free everyone. I'll go get the flowers.
Chara became very sick from the buttercups. Their plan was now in motion. Chara would kill themselves, and Asriel would absorb their soul. Then, they would together pass through the barrier and absorb six more human souls, destroying the barrier forever.
Chara, however, had an ulterior motive. They knew the humans would grow to hate Asriel, for what he had done, for killing those humans, and Asriel would be forced to, with his godlike powers, destroy all of humanity.
"Chara... Can you hear me? We want you to wake
up... Chara! You have to stay determined! You can't give
up... You are the future of humans and monsters...
Psst... Chara... Please... wake up... I don't like this
plan anymore. I... I... ... no, I said... I said I'd never doubt you.
Six, right? We just have to get six... And we'll do it together, right?
The next day... Chara died. They had said that their only wish was to see the golden flowers from their village The entire kingdom was in mourning. But Asriel absorbed Chara's soul, despite his grief. Even though it was part of the plan, his sibling and best friend was dead, and it was partially his fault. Now that Asriel had absorbed Chara's soul, Chara was able to control Asriel, at least, half control. The controls of the body were split between them, and either could take over at any time. Chara picked up their own body and walked through the barrier to the village of the humans. They walked to the center of the village and stood on the bed of golden flowers. Just then, a scream rang out through the village! The humans saw Asriel holding Chara's body. They thought that he had killed the child! Chara was ready to kill them all. They had the power to... But... Asriel stopped them. Blow after blow hit him but he still didn't fight. He just smiled, and walked back home, back through the barrier and into the garden in front of his parents, where he turned to dust. The kingdom was heartbroken. The king and queen had lost two children in one day. The humans had once again taken everything from us.
In a fit of rage, Asgore declared that any human that fell into the underground in future be killed, their soul used to break the barrier. Toriel was disgusted with this, as she viewed Chara as proof that humans had some good in them too, and left Asgore, staying in the ruins for hundreds of years. (Boss monsters can do this kind of stuff, if they don't have a child, they don't age. To Toriel and Asgore, this must have been a constant reminder of their childrens' death) Six more humans fell into the underground. Every single one of them killed at least one monster along the way to Asgore's castle. None of them made it past Asgore, even though they all made it to him. Then the seventh child, Frisk, fell into the underground, on top of Chara's grave. This is probably when Chara's... Ghost? Consciousness...? Started following them around, probably letting Frisk use their inventory, that kind of stuff. Unbeknownst to Frisk and Chara, Frisk was seen by many monsters as the angel from the delta rune

That rune on Toriel's dress. The angel is the winged circle atop it, and the triangles represent the monsters down below. The prophecy goes that the angel, one who has seen the surface, will descend, and the underground will go empty. Recently, though, some monsters had been viewing the angel differently. They called it the angel of death. Surprisingly, both of these descriptions (Angel of mercy, angel of death) are accurate, symbolizing the Pacifist and Genocide routes.
In a pacifist route, Frisk makes friends, fights Asgore, Flowey absorbs the six human souls and tries to kill Frisk, Souls rebel and reset Flowey's powers to normal stats, Flowey lets you load your last save, you get to know Alphys better, Flowey turns into Asriel after absorbing all your friends' souls ( ;-; ), Asriel starts to feel again and regrets his actions, realizes Frisk isn't Chara, asks Frisk's name, Asriel breaks barrier and restores your friend's souls to them, turns back into a flower, everyone's happy (Except Flowey, he can't feel anymore. But he remembers being happy.). In a genocide route, Frisk kills everyone and sells their soul to Chara after having a bad time and killing their best friend Flowey. Then in another pacifist route after a genocide route, Chara murders all of humanity and Frisk's friends by possessing their bodies. Um... Yeah...

Theory time! I think that in the game you play as you, puppeteering Chara, who in turn is controlling Frisk. But sometimes, Chara will do things on their own if you let them become powerful enough... Like killing Flowey. At the end of a pacifist route, the reason you don't get to play anymore, is because Chara moved on, and you don't have anyone to play with anymore.
Think about that next time you play Undertale.

-Princess Balloon.
Amount of balloons cut out: around a balloon 1000
CreditToby Fox

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  • MangleProxZ
  • Level 24
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • February 15, 2016, 5:25 pm
*Mangle didn't finish (or play) the game!
*She finished reading
*didn't care that so many spoilers hit her in the face
:MangleProxZ winking sprite:
I was the same with spoilers XD
Although when I balloon played the game I didn't care that it was spoiled, it was still gud :>
This does make the storyline easier to understand. Nice job!
  • _Forerunner_
  • Level 68
  • High Grandmaster Skinner
  • January 31, 2016, 10:18 pm
₁ ₀₀₀ ₀₀₀ of gigantic spoilers
Well I hope you balloon finished the game before you read this •v•
  • _Forerunner_
  • Level 68
  • High Grandmaster Skinner
  • February 1, 2016, 9:02 pm
I wondered what Undertale was about! So helpful :D
Yeah, also you balloon said you had difficulty understanding me when I say balloon so I didn't say balloon in this :)
Oh derp, that was just back when I was a derp that thought she could change the world. XD I'm fine
But you did balloon change the world :D
Maybe in Minecraft :)
Nah you balloon made my word count for this blog less XD
And my blog is part of the world.
  • Sardonyx
  • Level 44
  • Master Pixel Painter
  • January 31, 2016, 5:09 pm
I already understood the story, but this did a really good job of explaining <3 :D
Thanks :D

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