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Unique Ideas For Maps you are Free to Make![Pop-Reel]

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ZvedeENG avatar ZvedeENG
Level 46 : Master Lad
So as a mapmaker, i am thinking about how could i upgrade my maps a lot. But in this way i don't only get ideas for upgrades, but i sometimes think of completely new maps. All of these ideas i haven't seen being made before. Why am i announcing these? - Well i don't have the time to make all of these myself, so i'm just sharing, but if you want to use on of the ideas be nice, credit me for the idea or atleast say it in the comments and diamond this blog.

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The ultimate idea list for minecraft maps:

  1. BASE BUILDER [MG] - Minigame from the counter strike 1.6 series, in which you have to create a base within a time limit, and then survive for a certain time whilst the attackers try to destroy your base and kill you. You only get a punch bow, and they get powerful swords, but no bow at all.
  2. AMUSEMENT PARK SURVIVAL [SURV] - My idea was , when you ride a rollercoaster it breaks, and you fall under the amusement park and your goal is to get out, but it would also be interesting if the amusement park would be on a flying island, and you would have to do the normal survival map things, except, you're in a bloody amusement park.
  3. TNT RAIN [MG] - In this minigame, you need to survive for 20 levels. In each one you are given a certain amount of certain blocks, and you have to build yourself a base. Then a huge wave of tnt falls on your base and you have to survive. If you survive, the landscape gets cleaned (/setblock) and the next level starts, this one being harded cause of the different blocks given.
  4. Junkyard Adventure Map [ADV] - In this map you find yourself lost in a junkyard and your main mission is to get out, this could possibly be a theme for a ctm map, but i think that it would work better as an adventure map. There would be custom mobs, items and junkyard themed builds and quests.
  5. Random Object Parkour [PARK] - This map would contain a lot of random stuff you would have to platform on. Jumping from a fork to a donut, to a car to a giant rainbow cat or whatever. And i think something like that, if made nicely, would grab attention from youtubers.
  6. Dead Jockey [MG] - This one as an idea is pretty clever. The round starts when the runners go run trough a obsticalish course trying to reach the end, they have boost platforms and debuff platforms, but its not a race, cause after 15 seconds when they are on the run, the Dead Jockey (Someone with a skeleton head riding on a skeleton horse) gets released. He has to run after them and kill them on a horse, or maybe he has to run right next to the track and he has to shoot the runners. Jockey wins if runners are dead, runners win if they get to the end.
  7. Chemical Zone / Radiation , Adventure/Game map [ADV][GAME] - In this map you would start as a survivor in a town spread with radiation that kills you. Radiation = Hunger . You would have to quickly run from a safe base to another avoiding obstacles and nasty creatures. Safe Base = A house with a cake that infinitley respawns and cannot be fully eaten. So the point of this map is to get outside of the town, whilst trying to survive when you can only eat cakes which are in a great distance one from eachother.
  8. Burning Simulation [GAME] - In this map, you would have to escape a burning facility, whilst the burning would all be modified using command blocks. Everyone loves to be in an intense situation when something is burning, you panic and try to escape. It wouldn't be to easy to make, but the best maps are those who are the most challenging to make.
  9. The Fake Minecraft [ADV] - This one is an adventure map, so i only have the story. You start as you would be playing your normal minecraft world, you have your stuff , your base until one day you discover a weird hole. You now venture in to explore it and you find yourself in a weird laboratory. Then after a little bit of exploring, you discover that the world you play in is not real, and you are just a test subject for a secret laboratory. They experiment on you by spawning monsters, adding traps in caves. All this time when you thought that everything generates naturally is actualy modified by humans. I haven't thought of the ending, so that is up to you.
  10. The Enchanter [PVP][MG] - This one i have made, but only as a prototype. In this map you would gather players, then everyone would enter an arena in which they would have 1 minute to kill as much zombies as they can. The arena could be an interesting peace of landscape or whatever you can think of. Then all of those zombie kills would be converted into experience levels (with command blocks) . Then everyone would get to enchant their diamond armor with whatever levels they got, after everyone has enchanted their stuff, a battle begins in a different arena (whatever arena you could think map, even a counter strike map would be nice). The battle would be interesting, cause each player would have different armor and weapon enchantments and each player would have gained a different amount of xp to enchant with.
  11. Treasure Hunt [PVP][MG] - In this game, all players start on a boat, pvp is enabled, they get a set of armor, some blocks, some tnt, maybe lava (just stuff for a battle) then they hop into their boats on travel to islands, each island containing a single gold peace. Once they get a gold ingot, they have to travel back to their ship and drop the gold into their hopper. The point of the game is to have the most gold when the time ends. So you can either collect the gold yourself, steal it from others or trap them in a more unique way. This could be a really fun competitive game.
  12. Zombie Escape [PVP][GAME] - This is a gamemode form the counter strike series, in which you have to get to the end of the map , before your brains get eated. The map should be themed, with running points and defending points , example: Protect this are for 60 seconds, till the engines get started to start the boat. The game should be played with a lot of people, so this would be something for a server. The game starts with only a couple of zombies, but when you get killed you join the undead army. The humans should have a shop to choose weapons and buy special grenades. This could be a great server plugin.
  13. QuickBase [PVP][MG] - This is a better between two colored teams, like Red VS Blue. Each team spawns on each side of a wall, then they are given blocks, a pickaxe, a sword and a bow. They get about a minute and a half to build walls, houses and covers, then after the time the wall between them disappears and they get to fight in the battleground they built themselves. They can also destroy enemy blocks , team wins , when all members of the enemy team are dead.
  14. The Evolution [ADV][PUZ] - The most nostalgic map you could find, you start off by being set in a landscape looking like the indev version of minecraft. You have a mission to maybe get/craft something and when you do it , you get teleported to somewhere that looks like the alpha version in which you also have to craft something that has been added in that version. Each level is a newer update of the game to remind the old versions. Also the system could easily be done with command blocks but the hardest part would be implementing the landscape. This would be a great map for those who have played minecraft since the alpha version like myself.
  15. Interactive Adventure [ADV] - An adventure map with a story, scripted parts and whatsoever ,but with an unusual concept to it. At some points of the map you get choices, and the choises change your entire gameplay of the map. The map would have a lot of endings, which can be triggered by you. As an example take the game "Stanley's Parable". It has 8 different endings. This concept could increase the popularity and ratings of the map. Gameplay for each person would change depending on the choices, and the map would be fun to replay. Also it would be entertaining to watch gameplay videos of it.
  16. Murder House [GAME] - The story behind this game: a guy invites guests to his house, however the guests don't know the plans of the inviter. The guy decides to murder all his guests, but one of them calls the police, the police has 5 minutes to arrive, so the murderer must kill them all quickly. So one murderer runs around his giant mansion with a garden and attempts to kill all his guests under 5 minutes. The murderer can also use traps he has set up in his garden before the meetup. This could also be made very 'horror' like if using the right resources and sounds, and that would add a way better experience!
  17. The Floor is Lava [GAME][PARKOUR] - The old childhool classic in minecraft. Never seen it done before, but its possible, especially with the new features in 1.7 . If you don't know the game, the main objective is to get to a certain point without touching the ground (lava) by hopping from furniture to cars to tress to whataver. And it could be done nicely as a race too. Also it would be amazing if the ground would actually look like a floor but would kill you if you stepped on it, for a better effect.
  18. Old School Frogger [PUZZLE/PARKOUR] The well know game : frogger, where you have to avoid cars, jump on floating logs and avoid bypassing trains just to get across the road. Now it can neatly be done with /setblock commands, and if executed correctly, it could become an amazing map. You can even turn it into an adventure mode with the frogger as the main focus of the map. You can even turn it into a player vs player game, like some sort of competition (example: Who will gather the most boxes in 5 minutes, and you can get 1 box at a time, by picking it up at one side of the street and delivering it to the other). However frogger has already been done by some people in minecraft, but not with the setblock commands. I can say, i would definetly enjoy a minecraft frogger map.
  19. The Canal PVP [PVP/GAME] This game is a battle of two teams, the game might differ, there could be two ways to play it, either there's two different teams, one that defend and the other who try to complete the objective as fast as they can, or it can be played with two teams who do the same. The point of the game is to lead your canal water into the enemy core (hole), you have to do it during a battle, you can only place and destroy dirt blocks, and you mostly use them to block the enemy water flow and try not it reach the end of the path to your core. You can also go to the enemy base and try to unblock their hole, so your team's canal flows in it. The best part about this game is that you can choose from 2 things to do, keep blocking your core or be the one who uses the agression to lead your flow in their core.


That is all of the ideas i can give you currently, i also left some for myself cause i really want to make them. I will be updating this post when i'll think of new ideas, so stay tuned :)

So, which map would you like to see made the most? Answer in the comments ;)

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10/22/2014 3:18 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
PumpkinKing15 avatar
I got one!      

          Its a minigame where there is a platform covered in lava, and a largish ring around it. there are two teams, Lava Fishers, and Lava Runners. The Lava Fishers sit in the lava with fishing rods trying to pull the Runners into the lava, and they have fire resists potion on, but only for a certain amount of time, and when that runs out they burn to death and the Runners win. The Lava Runners need to run around the circle and not get pulled into the lava by the Fishers. they win once the Fishers have all died of no more fire resist while in the lava.

If anybody decides to make this on a server, please message me where I can find it so I can try out my masterpiece of an idea.
10/22/2014 4:05 pm
Level 46 : Master Lad
ZvedeENG avatar
This would a fun one to play and easy to make, sadly you can't attach fishing rods to people anymore, only if you use a bukkit plugin, so it can't be done in vanilla, well atleast not as simple as you would like it to be.
10/23/2014 6:32 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
PumpkinKing15 avatar
A improvise to that problem would be a few walls on the Runners ring, and the Lava Fishers would become Lava Archers, and they would have to shoot off the Runners, the fire resistance would stay the same. The only thing keeping the Runners from falling off too easily is the walls on the ring.
10/22/2014 10:47 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Architect
Tommybom19 avatar
Awesome! I like the Evolution and The Fake Minecraft ideas.
06/18/2014 4:51 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Modder
Destian_ avatar
Actually i´m trying something that´s simillar to 15. But right now i don´t know how much choices the player can make and how the different storylines will end but i have a vision of it
12/12/2013 10:59 am
Level 26 : Expert Taco
dylwells avatar
10/12/2013 2:58 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Pig
commando8797 avatar
Nice map ideas!
09/22/2013 5:10 am
Level 30 : Artisan Archer
gusgus avatar
I'll have a go at making Treasure Hunt..
You have some terrific ideas, keep up the good work ;)
09/21/2013 3:05 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
Higuy1 avatar
ZvedeENG! I have made #1 and posted it! Check out my link!
09/21/2013 3:06 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Taco
Higuy1 avatar
I have also given you lots of credit. Don't worry. :)
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