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Unoriginal And Original Skins

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SparklePuff's Avatar SparklePuff
Level 23 : Expert Artist
Hi guys, It's SparklePuff and this is my first blog :). So I went on my favourite server and I joined a skin contest.
But this girl has the most unoriginal skin evar. -_- here's a picture of her skin :Image
That is an unoriginal skin -_-, I wish her skin would of looked like this:
I don't know why I put a diamond there, but the skin was by: meggles btw.
And that skin is way more original then that skin :)
But if you didn't know....that unoriginal skin was actually my first minecraft skin xD,
but the question is: who was the one that actually made the skin?
And this is my first blog so no hate comments please :(.
but that doesn't mean you have to hate that skin,
I like that skin but I don't wear it,
so it doesn't mean you have to hate it because other people do,
you can wear it and you can do anything you want with it (Except stealing)
but meggles skin looks very nice :) but that doesn't mean you have to love it because other people do (like I said before) you can hate it if you want (But your not allowed to post hate comments >:()

And I understand that people don't like these skins but if you don't like them then keep the hate to yourself.
and just ignore the skin, it's not like people would hate you if you love, like or hate it
so original and unoriginal skins are fine, but they steal it because they like it,
thats the reason why people steal things or because they hate the person who made it.
so just don't argue and let the people like what they love and hate what they hate,
so you don't have to listen to people about that,
and if people start hating on YOU then tell them this "if you don't like me I don't really care cause you are begining to act like a hater -_- so hater's gonna hate" Original skins sometimes look very bad too but they atleast are original which is good. And Unoriginal skins can also look very bad which is bad but it's still possible to like or love it.

Hope you guys enjoyed (=^-^=)

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04/27/2015 6:23 am
Level 38 : Artisan Dragonborn
JustfunOrihime02's Avatar
09/26/2014 12:08 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Vampire
Ink's Avatar
I think that unoriginal and good shading are two different things.
The winter fox girl skin isn't really original, if you think about it. But I see your point.
12/10/2013 5:15 am
Level 24 : Expert Ranger
064razor's Avatar
Speaking of unoriginal, can you make a female version of one of my skins called "Razor the Mercenary"? I'll Subscribe for free if you do. And remember, name it "Cutlass the Mercenary" and don't forget to give me credit.
08/29/2014 10:00 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Toast
BreadedSticks's Avatar
"Subscribe for free if you make me something"
12/10/2013 5:48 am
Level 23 : Expert Artist
SparklePuff's Avatar