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Until The World Bids I Part | Minecraft Render

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AutoGear avatar AutoGear
Level 24 : Expert Artist
Context Story:
Having now logged into Minecraft for the first time, you wander the near infinite expanse provided for you.
Stumbling upon a village teaming with live and prosperity, and you cannot bring yourself to just simply pass by.
You go from villager to villager, never having learned their names, as they speak a language you do not understand.
Finding what offers they deal, and what they trade for.
A long day has passed, and as many others have before, you decide to make that little village your home
You sit up on a hill overlooking the village, day by day, watching as your new friends work their daily routine.
Swearing in thought to keep them all safe to the best of your ability.
All until the world bids you part.

It's not great, but its not bad.

Other Stuff:

Representing an experience many of us have gone through, and will unlikely ever be able to relive the same as we had.

Remember, every time someone places their last block, someone else is placing their first.
CreditRender: AutoGear

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