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Update log abuse: an epidemic.

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The Problem:
Let's be honest; most people on PMC know the update log isn't for bumping a post; yet people use it in that manner anyway. I've seen many forms of update log abuse, ranging from spam: "fbgdxfgsd," to bumps: "bump"/"can we get 200 diamonds?," to even deleting the previous update log and re-posting it, so as to not get caught. I see update log abuse as...well, almost thievery in a way; people who use the update log to bump their post are stealing views and downloads from people who use it honestly and properly. Perhaps even worse, it's stealing from people who are interested in a project that is using the update log correctly. By bumping your post forward, you're bumping everybody else's post back, and people may not be able to find a project they like. Perhaps there is a city project with a major flaw; maybe a poorly placed fireplace that sets the entire city ablaze, and the creator updates it and removes the fire. Then, a bunch of people bump their posts and that city gets lost somewhere deep in the projects list. Now, many people will be stuck with the old map. The update log is for notifying people that there has been a significant or important change to the project, not for bumping a post.

The Solution:
1: If a project seems to be being updated a lot, check the update log. Daily updates are an almost sure sign of update log abuse; it's hard to make a significant update in only 24 hours. Finding an update log abuser early is the best way to stop them.
2: Make sure they know they're doing something wrong. Some people actually have not read the rules, and don't know they are doing something wrong. They see other people doing it and think it is OK. It's a vicious cycle that corrupts new members and feeds upon itself.
3: Don't subscribe to people who abuse update logs, don't diamond posts that abuse the update logs, and don't favorite them, however spectacular or amazing they may be. One reason is because this sort of behavior should not be endorsed or encouraged: people abuse the update log to get diamonds, subs, and favorites. If they don't get these, they won't abuse the update log.
4: If you already have subscribed, diamonded, or favorited an offending project or user, un-diamond, un-subscribe, and un-favorite. If they lose enough of these, people will stop abusing the update log.
5: Flag the project. This is a last resort, but it is also the best tool that honest members have. If abusers lose enough projects, they will realise that it just isn't worth it.

In Conclusion:
Update log abuse is something that is unacceptable and needs to end. It is specifically stated to be illegal in the list of rules; there is no excuse for it. Don't be ashamed to flag posts that break this rule. They took a risk, and they brought it upon themselves if they don't expect consequences.
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