Useful Process And Tips For Creative Builders (Part 2)

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Welcome back! This blog is the sequence of my last article ( Useful Process And Tips For Creative Builders), if you didn't seen it, here is the link: So, when you are done reading part 1, let's start this one.

As we discuss previously, I taught you how to think your ideas, list your ways, size and to chose your blocks. Those steps don't require much skills, but the next tip I'm giving you does. Yep, it is how to command... I have to admit my popular creations wouldn't come to life without commands. Why? Because commands co.op with Armor Stands is huge. You can literally do alomost everything (For example: Turtle, Red, Coconut with a Straw). Therefore, I highly recommend you to learn how to command with Armorstand, but only simple things like changing the position, the feature of the ArmorStand, etc. If you want me to make a video where I show the tutorial about commanding, leave a comment below (Oh, and I will speak in that tutorial).

The next one I'm giving you is not a kinda tip, but an advice. Most of you have confronted this situation before: your creation is the same with the others. Trust me, I had it before, it is annoying :( . So when your posting that video, everylne is just gonna be like:" Na, I have seen so many like this, dislike for you." To prevent this, I would watch the others video to see where I can improve or to make better and then name the video's title: "Improved Version of...". There you go, less haters gonna hate :) I find it helpful with my Pool Table creation, like a thousand people has made it, but no one has been able to make the holes properly, 'cause of that I concentrate on improving the holes and it looks better than other pool table! Another thing, remember to notify the improvements that you made, like circling it, as well.

That's pretty much a wrap for this article dudes. Remember to give your true thoughts, not everyone is going to like it :) But I appreciate you for rating!
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