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Using NBT to create custom items and mobs!

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Everyone wants to be the cool kid with custom mobs and items on his server, but the common question is how do you do it? Hammer away at the old anvil? How about NO! Just use an NBT editor.

NBT Edit is a program that breaks down the code of an item and allows you to change certain parts of it. This is great for command blocks, mobs, and items. Who wants to wield an "Iron Sword" when you could instead be carrying a "Steel Broadsword of Destruction!" Enchanted with Fire Aspect 1000... I know my choice...

So Lets get to it!

STEP ONE: Getting NBT.

This is going to be your easiest step. You can download NBT editor just by googling it, or you can download the In Game NBT Editor; which is a worlds leap easier to use. Separate installation instructions will be provided for each on the page that you download the mod from.

STEP TWO: Finding the breakdowns.


The first time you use NBT can be difficult, especially if your using the external NBT editor. If your using the external editor, you'll need to access your saved world using the program, and then find the chunk with the item or players inventory you want to modify.


Find the mob, or block you plan to change. If it's an item you want to change, hold it in your hands or place it in a chest.

Aim at the entity and type /nbtedit or, if its in your inventory, type /nbtedit me

STEP 3: Understanding the Breakdown.

Now we start the HARDDDD part. Actually its fairly easy once you get the hang of it.

For sake of ease, I'll provide screenshots of the In Game NBT editor. When you first open the NBT of somthing, like this spider for instance...

You'll see the root. Click the drop down arrow next to it to continue!


Woah Wait! What does all that mean!!!!! Calm down... chill....

Each line represents an aspect of the Mob. For instance, Should it be able to pick up items?

But where do we type yes...

Click on the line CanPickUpLoot and then click the edit button located....


Right there...

Notice: The Value 1= true (yes), The Value 0= false (no)

So, for the spider to pick up items or have a custom name visible, we would have to change those values to true. Then, if we scroll down the list of custom attributes we can find even more things to change!

Some Attributes.

Custom Names

Change CustomNameVisible to 1 (True)
Scroll down to CustomName and click edit.
Use the symbol on the left of a S with a circle in the center to set a custom color, (

(A list of colors can be found here -->
And then type the name you want.
EXAMPLE: For a Zombie with the name Zombie King in red, you would have
§4Zombie King

Custom Drops

Scroll to the Drop Chances and Equipment. These correspond.
You can use the NBT editor to give mobs equipment, even if they might not wield it, the spider can have a chest-plate, you wont ------see it though
The Drop Chances show the chance an item has of dropping. Remember, 1 is true, So if you set it to 100, its a 1000% -------------------chance of dropping.

More information can be found on the Chunk Format page of the MinecraftWiki, located here.

Thanks for Reading, I hope you enjoyed. I'll be sure to update this guide with more information as to custom armor, enchantments, potions and much more in the near future.

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08/05/2013 4:30 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Hunter
snowman12357's Avatar
I use this to make baby zombie villagers!!!
and custom colour signs
and custom heads
and... zombies with TNT on their head???
Even though im like the master at NBT editing i will still diamond ;)
08/05/2013 2:30 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Engineer
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Thanks, Diamonding it :D!
08/05/2013 2:32 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
dragonzero39's Avatar
Glad it helped :)