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Venture to the City - A short story for Blog Contest

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giant 3 block-tall Android from the future with ripped sixpack abs emerges from the clouds. He rides a pegasus whilst singing, "Row, row, row your Boat. Gently down the STREAM". Oh no, I thought. IT's the cops! Stuck in the middle of the street, I hurried and rolled my way back into the safety of the a back alleyway. I hear an explosion ripple behind me, the ground shakes and I cover my head with my hands and crouch down to a sewer grate.

"PEN PINEAPPLE APPLE PEN!", I blurt out loud. The words echo down the black hole. P.P.A.P., yes that was the secret code that I learned to used to call the Sewer Ninjas. I hear no answer.... Dang you can't trust them when you need them the most. I raise my head to see a pair of ugly bloodshot eyes and a crooked smile. Yep I was caught all right. "Cmon man, that was too easy!", he laughed. The Android heaved me onto the police pegasus and we flew up into the sky unto we reached the land above the clouds and everything below looked like ants.

Out of all the lands that I've discovered, I found the Skylands to be the strangest by far. I could swear everyone living here was far advanced beyond what I have encountered in the past. No actually scratch that. I didn't discover this place.

I was kidnapped in the midst of my adventure of a foreign land. I was traveling by foot towards the great city to the north, it was a long and arduous journey that would've taken me a few weeks to get there. It was supposed to be fun and at the time it was. But as the days past, I just kept seeing the same old green hills and neat rivers. I didn't know how long this biome would last. Until one day I happened to come across a odd colored land: Oh this could be where the fabled Terraria City lay! I hastened my pace and used every muscle in my body. I SAW the city, it was beauitful and glistening. Tears streamed down my eyes. Finally I have arrived!

What. The land it was a mirage, I was just imagining it. Now I cried for another reason. My legs ached and I collapsed to the ground. Suddenly, as if I had awakened something, the earth began to rock back n forth, the wind brushed over my cheeks and my hair. I saw a bright line and a glimpse of some sort of flying redstone mechanism, before I heard a -thut- sound and I blacked out.

I was kidnapped by the Grand Family. They are powerful members of the society of Skylands. The Grand Family owns the rich white modern-styled castle sitting on top of the highest hill. In fact all the buildings were white boring modern styled houses, which really disgusted me. Who in their right mind would build in this style? Evil boring people that's who.

Now I spend my days thinking of ways to escape, but every attempt has failed so far. I miss my snowman.


04/10/2017 7:47 am
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04/10/2017 10:28 pm
Level 76 : Legendary Fox
Thanks Zatharel
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