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Very good paying AdFlyAlternative (little passive income with linkshorting)

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avatar Builder Julius
Level 28 : Expert Architect
Im trying out Clk.sh since some weeks and already made 2,39$ with just 384 klicks!! c:

The person who wants to, at example download your build, has to accept a
ImNotARobot-Captcha and its not fast as Adfly, but the Payment is much
better and i guess, if someone wants your build, thats not a problem :)

Here can you see, what someone will see, who wants to download something, that you made :

1. Click on Download at PlanetMinecraft.com
2. Youre not a Robot ;D

3. Wait 10Sec and enjoy the Ads (ive no idea why are there no at my test lol)

4. Download the schematic or world from your cloud (here dropbox, a really good and free one)

If you now want to make your own paid links and earn continously some dollars without have to do something, sign up, with just your emailadress, a password and a username. - ready!


PS: Great Feature: If you recommend Clk.sh to a friend, they pay you additional 20% of all his/her earnings c:


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