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Village - Superflat Preset

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Taterpotato avatar Taterpotato
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
This is another superflat custom preset I have made! It is a superflat world covered in a huge village!
Like the last one, it is not really useful for much, maybe for a custom map, but other than that only really useful for messing around in.

How to Apply:

3;minecraft:bedrock,7*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass;1;village(distance=1 size=1000)
To get the superflat preset on your own world, simply create a new world, to more options, and change the world type to superflat. Then, click customise, click presets and click ctrl+v to paste at the top of the screen what is below:

If you want a desert village instead, paste this:

3;minecraft:bedrock,7*minecraft:dirt,minecraft:grass;2;village(distance=1 size=1000)

If you want to change something about the superflat world, for example the blocks, or the height, there should be some guides somewhere on the internet, I might poste a guide myself soon.

Also, notice this part of the preset: village(distance=1 size=1000)
Change the first part, distance. to change the distance between villages. The bigger the number the bigger the distance.
Change the second part, size, to change the size of the village. The bigger the number the bigger the village.

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03/19/2019 1:31 am
Level 20 : Expert Cowboy
8g2t avatar
can you make a tunnelers dream version
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