Villager skin contest

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avatar Mr-villager
Level 30 : Artisan Farmer

When I upload my 100th submission I got an idea to make a new special thing what about a skin CONTEST, yes a villager skin contest please read the infos and rules

Please upload skins that are related to villagers but a player skin

Go to the contest and comment your skin address, the entrance must not be in the blog
If your entry is not related to the contest you will be disqualified from the contest
Submit something new and not stolen but its OK to edit the classic villager skin
1 entry for every pmc user and the rest will not be accepted
After 1 month the leaderbord will shared as a wall post showing the winners and the trophies will sended privately to the winners
The trophies are as the coming:
2nd=iron golem head
3rd=villager's nose
Others=villager head

thanks for reading please participate
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