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Voxel sniper Anyone can make epic islands with these tips!!!

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Level 9 : Apprentice Warrior

Voxel sniper: EPIC mountains for beginners to Advanced

Hey guys some of you might have seen my youtube channel with different terraforms or seen my latest project here. Im gonna give you guys some tip so you can make epic mountains yourself!

Ok so where going to be making an island, so it must be over water. Go find a spot and then use /b e life to start pulling the earth up to the surface. Use a large brush size to make it faster and have a bigger arena to build on. Next we wan't to flatten this out to make it our bace. Use /b bb with a large brush size again. (i use the same size as i use to lift the earth with) Next we wan't to make everything stone, use /b over and /v stone . Keep the brush size big and cover all the ground. Next we wan't to start adding in our mountain. Use /b b with a brush size between 10-20 depending on how much room you have. Use /b to change your brush size. Make your brush size smaller as you go along so you can fill in the gaps. If you need to use /b e lift to pull a bit more land out do it or so you can blend it better also do it. Smooth the balls down using /b bb again. Next use /b e melt and give the mountain/ hill some extra texture so it doesn't look like big balls xD. Now we need to overlay it with grass. Use /b over and /v grass and cover the whole place. Next we wan't to add in the coast line so change the voxel (material) to sand with /v sand and change the brush size to 3. Go along the edge and use your eyes to figure out how far inland you need to go. After we do that start placing trees everywhere with /b t . Just use oak and birch. Cover it up then get some bone meal and by hand use it to place grass everywhere. The more grass you put the more wild (abandoned) it will look. Ok so now your thinking about how your water is all stuffed up. Do //fill water 1000 change the number to suit you but thats what i do and note you do need world edit to use that cmd. Fix other bits up by hand and your done :D Hope this helps and watch my 2 youtube videos if you need it to run along with you.


08/07/2013 3:14 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Network
how do you even get voxel sniper...?
08/08/2013 2:14 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Warrior
Its a bukkit plugin. If you just google "How to download and install Voxel Sniper" or something like that im sure you will find it. If you have any problems just say and ill help you out.
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