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Want to play minecraft w/ controller

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w12code3 avatar w12code3
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In this blog i will teach you how to get your x-box 360 wired controller to hook up to your computer and play minecraft with it.. Its SUPER easy.(from feed back i have learned that ps3 controllers do NOT work for this sorry):

1. go to http://www.electracode.com/4/joy2key/JoyToKey%20English%20Version.htm and download it.
2.After that open the zip file and take the regular file out onto your desk top.
3. Then download the minecraft.cfg here:http://www.mediafire.com/?sab3i2wyifp2n46
4. Then open the "Joy to key" file and drag the minecraft.cgf into it.
5. Plug in your controller.
6. Now open joy to key and click on minecraft
7. minimize the joy to key window then open your minecraft and move your controller around and see how it feels :)
Controller Outlay
the right anolog stick is to look around....the left anolog stick is to move.....Y is to jump....x is to drop.....start is to pause....back is the inventory.... the right trigger is to mine....left trigger is to place blocks......the dpad is used to switch in your quick bar.


1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by w12code3 12/05/2011 5:24:45 pmDec 5th, 2011

From feedback i have learned that ps3 controllers do NOT work for this....i am going to try to find a ps3 controller config or maybe even a different program

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12/28/2011 4:08 am
Level 19 : Journeyman Pixel Puncher
Creeper Hugs U
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12/05/2011 7:48 pm
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Hero
sed11 avatar
Minecraft comes out for xbox360 next year
12/06/2011 1:02 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
w12code3 avatar
dude i know im so exited lol XD
12/03/2011 11:19 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Slime Tamer
BlueSlime avatar
I knew about joytokey for a while, new to it and its wicked. I play all sorts of things using it ( games that warrant a controller anyway) I did not know you could drag the config into joytokey... Very cool find, diamond to you sir.
12/04/2011 12:26 am
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
w12code3 avatar
Thanks ;)
12/03/2011 10:50 pm
Level 21 : Expert Ninja
TheNinjaFennec avatar
Cool. does it actually work or are you trollin?
12/03/2011 11:09 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Architect
w12code3 avatar
Yes is does work and it doesnt only work for minecraft it works for every thing on the computer with this so you could play like swat4 or somethin haha ;)
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