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War 'till the End!

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Level 40 : Master Explorer
"My Queen, there is a knight at the gate. He demands you present an audience to him."

"......let him in."
A man stumbled into the throne room. His armor was splattered with blood, all except his face. He carried with him a sword and helmet, both stained as well. He was not the most handsome of men, but from him the Queen could see a confidence; a certain presence about him. It even seemed to manifest around him in a faint, purple glow the longer she stared. However it disappeared the moment she blinked.
The man fell to one knee, placing his sword point down into the floor in front of him and placing both hands around the hilt, in order to show submission.
"My guard tells me that you demanded my presence. Normally I would not allow such obscenity into my throne room, but due to the rumors of an oncoming battle, I have made an exception. State your name and your desire."
The knight looked up from his position. He stood, and said "I am Roderick. I have news regarding the rumors you stated." His voice was quiet and soft, but strongly impressed itself upon the Queen.
"State your news, Roderick."
"The rumors are true. I have fought my way through the opposing army to bring the news."
The Queen looked surprised. "THROUGH the army? What do you mean THROUGH? What were you doing on the other side of them?"
Roderick looked unfazed. "They attacked us from behind. There was a small squad of us advancing through the forest to investigate claims of a bandit camp. As we headed for the spot, the army attacked us from behind. They had been waiting in the trees and bushes. As soon as we were on the other side of them, they revealed, placing themselves between us and the castle. I believe it was an attempt to make sure that no one would be able to return and tell the news."
"Then how did you survive?"
"I have always had a special thing about me. Many people respect me and fear me, even those of opposing armies. I do not know why or how, but it has become useful in many battles, helping me to outlive my enemies."
"How big was the army that attacked?"
"I'm not sure, there were many of them. If I was to estimate, I would say around a thousand men."
"One thousand??? All hidden in the forest?"
"Yes, my Queen."
The Queen stood up and pointed to the man who had announced Roderick's presence. He had stood silent by the door during this time. "You! Luric! Go and gather the men! Tell them the news, and to prepare for battle. We are facing a massive army, and we must prepare if we are to survive this onslaught!"
"Yes, my Queen!" Luric saluted, then turn and ran through a small side door.
The Queen now looked at Roderick. He had been looking at Luric, but when he noticed the Queen looking he dropped back to his previous submissive pose.
"Stand up, Roderick."
Roderick stood. The Queen descended down the stairs towards him. She walked around him, looking closely.
"Do you know how I became Queen, Roderick?"
"Because you were chosen by the Gods, my Queen."
"And why do you think they chose me?"
"I do not know. It is not my place to discern the will and thoughts of the Gods."
"Its because I notice things more than the normal man. I think faster, see more, and am more in tune with the world. And there is a presence that I see about you. A certain spirit, one that is strong enough to manifest itself."
Roderick still stood solid, looking unfazed and unconcerned.
"Roderick, how good are you at being a leader?"
Roderick finally pulled of a look of surprise. He had expected the Queen to ask his origin, how he came about this presence, something that he would require a very long and detailed explanation, longer than he had time to tell.
"Fairly good, my Queen. I am knowledgeable in battle strategies, know how men think, and can handle the sword better than most."
The Queen stopped pacing and now stood in front of him.
"Knight Roderick, I would request that you lead our men into battle."
Roderick was taken aback by this request. "Are....are you sure, my Queen?"
"Yes. You are strong, smart, and confident. Our men are in desperate need of a new leader, one that can pull them through with minimal losses and a strong victory. And heaven knows we need a new commander. How he has won us anything, I am at a loss to say." She smiled a bit with this. Roderick grinned a little too. He knew what she meant.
"I would be honored to lead our men to a victory in this war."
The Queen smiled even more. "Splendid. Because its time we had a good one."

Roderick stood above the amassed army, with the Queen beside him. He knew what it was like to be down there, standing among his fellow soldiers. He missed it a bit. Standing above them, watching the sun glint off their armor, just wasn't the same as being there, ready and willing to charge into battle and slay all those who opposed him. The Queen stepped forward and blew into the horn on the podium. It bellowed through the air, to be almost instantly drowned out by 500 men stomping on the ground to attention.
She stepped back and pointed to Roderick. "This man is your new commander. His name is Roderick, and he is the man that will lead us into battle and to victory. He is strong, intelligent, and fought his way, alone, through an entire army to protect his castle, his home, and his Queen. You will follow him into battle, and he will bring you to victory for our beloved home of Liona!"
The gleaming army all raised their shields into the air and shouted, "OUR LIVES FOR VICTORY, AND OUR VICTORY FOR LIONA!!!!!"
They roared and shook their shields. Roderick smiled at the memory, and waited for them to calm down. When they finished he stepped forward and took a breath.
"Behind me, are the plains of Marn! And marching across them is an army, an army which we have never met the likes of before! I used to be one of you, laying down my life for our home and Queen, running into battle, screaming a war cry, cutting down all those in my way."
He paused for a second to look out over them. He could see them getting restless, ready to gather a victory for their home.
"But now, I command you. I give you the orders to fight, the orders to slay, and the orders to win. I shall lead you to victory, I shall return you home to your families, and I shall protect our Queen, our Liona, and our pride! TO WAR!!!"
The men roared again, louder and more fiercely than before. They charged out the gates, heading for and into the oncoming army. They were outmatched at least 3 to 1, and they could see it, but they kept forward, unfaltering, ready to kill and slay all those against them, constantly screaming "TO WAR!!!"
Roderick raised his sword in the air and him and the Queen joined them in shouting.
CreditOriginal written on my deviantART. Check it out here: http://imm0rt41.deviantart.com/#/d5d26zh

08/30/2012 3:50 pm
Level 28 : Expert Nerd
Why is it all white?
08/30/2012 3:52 pm
Level 40 : Master Explorer
Wrote it on my deviantART then copied and pasted. Causes that white background.
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