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avatar Bert_g6
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
This is the Warhammer 40K club! Here you can talk about anything Warhammer 40K, your favorite Space Marine Chapter, your most hated xenos species, anything Warhammer. Talk about the games if you want. Maybe put in some writing involving Warhammer you've done ( such as myself). So I'll start!

Favorite Chapter: Ironhands

Favorite Chaos Warband: Iron Warriors

Most hated Xenos: Orks

In the game: Im about level 30 in the Space marine game.

Well hope all you fans can apprecitate this!

Thanks for reading!


02/04/2020 11:56 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Grump
Let's make a resource pack, brothers!

Here's some old work that I'm keen to get back to:

08/04/2019 2:20 amhistory
Level 32 : Artisan Loremaster
I wrote a short story for English about salamanders and tyranids and cadians if yall want to read it
08/04/2019 2:21 am
Level 32 : Artisan Loremaster
There is a shrill scream of sirens as red light fills the imperial star cruiser, Spear of Doom. A robotic voice echoes through the ship “WARNING. WARNING. WARP DRIVE MELTDOWN IMMINENT. EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY”. People are screaming as the floor beneath them starts to rumble. Shuttle after shuttle, crafts launch out the sides of the ‘Spear of Doom’ as the rumble gets louder and faster. Then, it all is blasted to smithereens as the galaxy itself rattles with a horrid rip and a hole in the warp is torn open and the debris is sucked away.

During the explosion one shuttle did not entirely escape. This craft has a gaping gap in the side, though it is still operational. On it are four of the Emperor’s finest, The Space Marines. They are genetically modified to be bigger stronger and more powerful than any other human. They were in the craft with a small group of humans and one of their machines, a small, robotic servo skull. The craft started shaking and then the power went blank. No lights, no terminals, just a mild red glow coming from the servo skull. Then the craft starts to plummet. A dark box can be seen through the back window. It is the engine. It was sucked out into space. All panic broke lose.

From the sky the ship falls, coming with a massive burst of dust and dirt as it crashes into the surface of an unknown. There is a ringing in Robert’s ears. He is lucky and managed to survive the crash. He coughs up blood as he crawls into a stand. He glanced around to be confronted that everyone is dead. Skulls split open or impaled by debris. Even all the marines are dead. The only sign of life left is the servo skulls shining red eye, as it still shoots volts of electricity through its small robotic frame trapped inside a human skull. All is quiet, then there is a sudden noise. He spins around to see one of the marines moving, trying desperately to remove a large metal shard from his lower torso. Robert dashes over to help and the two of them remove it from the marine’s stomach. “Thank you Mr...” the marine inclines to know Roberts name. “Oh, Robert. What’s yours?” answers Robert. “It is Cor’Vark” replies the marine. Then as Cor’Vark rises to his feet his super human healing kicks in as if nothing happened nothing had happened.

Cor’Vark removes his helmet and rushes to the cabin. He starts to dismantle the control terminals and scavenges them for parts. “Quick Robert. We must set up a rescue beacon.” He creates a large silver, wired machine and attaches it to his helmet to draw the power from it. Then with one final spark, it starts to emit a soft pinging noise. The servo skull starts to move from its trance-like hover and uses its tiny arm to claw at the helm and start making its own minor modifications, until lifting the helmet onto Robert’s head. From the inside he can see himself. The helmet is now connected to the skulls visuals. It floats out of the craft and into the gully they had crashed in, then out into the alien forest that bordered it. “What do you see?” asks Cor’Vark.

“Nothing, it’s just dark. I can barely see” responds Robert.

“Give me my helmet, Robert” commands Cor’Vark. Robert hands over Cor’Vark’s helmet. “Oh no. You need to prepare for combat, Robert. Find a weapon, ready some traps,” warns Cor’Vark. “They’re coming.”

Cor’Vark rushes outside and starts grabbing boulders and assembling makeshift barricades. “What is coming? What did you see, Cor’Vark?” frantically questions Robert.

“Shapes. Dark, thin, dog-like shapes, with no fur, large exoskeletons and blades instead of hands. Then the skull fizzled out. This means one thing: Xenos.” There is a clicking noise coming from the trees. One by one the aliens reveal themselves from the forest appearing to be Tyranids. They pour out one after the other. In sync with their arrival, Cor’Vark opens fire with his bolter, the chosen weapon of any space marine, firing self-exploding bullets designed to shred armour. The click of the charging aliens becomes screams of anger and death as their seemingly never ending advance continues. All Robert can hear is a thunderous roar coming from the barrel of the bolter that Cor’Vark carries. Alien after alien drop dead and roll to the ground. Then the rifle starts to click, indicating that the ammo was out. With all his super human might, Cor’Vark hurls his rifle at his foe. The rifle obliterates an aliens head, leaving a red, sticky paste behind. He then grabs a green pellet from his belt and in a bright flash of light and sound, it explodes, leaving nothing but Xeno corpses, limbs, and chunks of flesh lying around. The advance had finally stopped.

Cor’Vark turns around to get back to the craft. “Don’t worry Robert. It’s Saf-”. At that moment, Cor’Vark’s armour is stained red and a large black spike comes out of his heart. His knees drop, to the floor, the rest of his body following after. He was dead. There was one final Tyranid that was not killed. The hunted became the hunter. Roberts head and his heart start to race as the alien draws closer to the craft. He begins crying, only making the alien draw even closer. The speaker in Cor’Vark’s helmet starts to echo with a human voice. “Hello? Hello? If you can hear me, than your distress signal was received, we arriving in T-minus three minutes.” The thought of being saved pulled Robert out of a state of misery. Then he realises that the only way he would survive this would be to defeat the final Xeno.

He looks around and sees the three dead marines lying next to him. He tries to raise one of their bolters, but it is much too heavy, and out of ammo. He takes the bolt pistol instead. Then, Robert heroically steps out of the craft, the bolt pistol in his hands, and takes a shot at the alien. The bullet roars past the Xenos head. The sound of the gun is deafening and Robert is stunned. The Tyranid starts to sprint towards him. Robert turns and runs as the alien monster dives at him with its freshly bloodied talons. Robert hides under the desk, but the Xeno can smell him, it slowly approaches him. Then it stops. The rescue craft had arrived. During the aliens halt, Robert had found a way out, but it was straight through the alien ahead of him. The xeno guarded a plasma torch. Roberts on the spot thinking kicks in. He jumps the table. The Xeno slashed Robert through his chest. He gets his hands on the torch. The hot plasma comes out of the pipe. There is a loud screech. The aliens face is melted. Robert falls to the ground, bleeding out. “Help. I’m in here!” Robert screams out, with the last of his might. All he remembers a face leaning over him, all the pain fading away, and then everything going black.
07/30/2019 9:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
iron within iron without the iron warriors are the best
11/01/2013 3:06 pm
Level 28 : Expert Dragonborn
My armor is contempt My shield is disgust My sword is hatred In the Emperor's name let none survive!
09/30/2012 8:19 pm
Level 29 : Expert Skinner
09/30/2012 9:45 pm
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
And what is the IP? it actually doesnt give it.
09/30/2012 9:42 pm
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Wow thats awesome! but could i pm you the app here?
10/01/2012 3:53 pm
Level 29 : Expert Skinner
It isnt a server, its just a clan, we do have servers we play on, also, which ever, but I prefer the minecraftforums.
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