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Warhammer 40k short story part 1

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avatar Bert_g6
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Here is part 1 of a warhammer 40k short story I've written. Hope you enjoy. He felt a wash of fear flood over him. He brought his las rifle closer to his chest, thinking it might give him protection. " I'm not supposed to feel fear, " he thought to himself, " not after joining Varakas 3rd company." he thought that before the attack. It obviously proved wrong. He remembered himself and everyone else thinking the bunker was unbreakable. Trenches in a criss-crossed network wound around it. It was almost a maze. Admittedly he has gotten lost. Razor wire lined the trenches and the bunkers walls. Mines were laid on the outer edges of the trenches. Snipers perched on the roof, and they constantly rotated shifts to always keep a watchful eye from above. The base was usually easy to find from far out, because of the flat desert. But when the attack came it was least expected. The mighty sandstorm made it impossible to see more then 10 feet in front of you. No human would dare go out to make an attack. But they weren't human. First it was artillery. Only one well placed shell blew into the bunkers rockrete walls. A perfect breach was made. Followed after were the monsters. I think that's a good place to leave off for now. If you know who the "monsters" are leave a comment. Thanks!
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