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Warriors of Dawn - PART IV - FoxxTaco


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Published on 7/17/2017 - 7/17/17 2:04 pm
it's been a long time since I've posted, and this story was finished a while ago (I'm working on the second!). Most of you seemed to enjoy this, so I've decided to post the rest of it. Also, I've been thinking about changing the title, since I came up with this title a longgggggggggggggggggg time ago. What do you guys suggest?
Anyways, so without further ado, here are chapters 16-19!

DISCLAIMER: this story is inspired by the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. I'm not making any money out of this so please don't yell at me XD the idea of how everything works in the story is similar to the Warriors, but the characters and Clans are my own.

Chapter 16
Once Thundertail finished her meal she had been sharing with Finchclaw, she stood up and padded towards the nursery. She guessed her kits were probably playing a game inside, but when she stepped in she only saw Wolfheart inside with Echokit. The queen was washing her kit, and she looked up at the sound of Thundertail’s pawsteps. Vixenkit popped her head out from behind Wolfheart.
“Thundertail, how are you?” Wolfheart dipped her head.
“Great, thank you. How are you and your kits?” Thundertail hated to be rude, even though her paws itched with impatience; she tried to be kind and reply to Wolfheart to start a friendly conversation, then she could she jump to questions.
“Oh I’m doing good. My kits are growing up to be so big! Soon they’ll all be apprentices.”
“That’s great news, Wolfheart!” Thundertail mewed with the friendliest tone as possible. “I’m sure they’ll be amazing warriors someday.”
“Yes, they sure will.” Wolfheart lapped her tongue over Echokit’s head, and the kit let out a mew of frustration. “Mother, can I go with Featherwhisker?”
“Featherwhisker?” Thundertail could almost read Wolfheart’s thoughts when she heard her startled mew. “W-well alright.”
Echokit jumped to her paws and dashed off. Thundertail turned to face Wolfheart. “Have you seen my kits?”
Wolfheart shook her head. “I thought they went out to play outside, or something.”
Suddenly, a loud yowl caught Thundertail’s attention. Her ears swiveled around towards the sound. She spotted Blurryface, Dovekit, and Leopardkit clumped together, murmuring to each other. Cats had begun to crowd around, gasping with a hint of worry in their eyes.
Without saying any words, Thundertail instinctively dashed off towards the crowd of cats. She shoulder her way through the crowd, reaching Leopardkit. She nudged her kit with her paw, and the orange-brownish kit swiftly turned around to face her.
“What happened?” Thundertail demanded, anxiety tingling through her paws. Whatever this was, it wasn’t good, but she felt a good mystery coming up. For some strange reason, she enjoyed mysteries, unless it was serious.
“Firekit just left!” Leopardkit squeaked, panic edging her tone. Her heather-like eyes met hers, and for a few seconds Thundertail thought she was seeing a mirror of herself: she wore the same expression so many seasons ago when she had found out Mothkit had died. She felt a million memories flash through her mind without warning. All those memories, her kithood...
Leopardkit’s shrill mew of worry jerked Thundertail out of her flashbacks. She quickly tried to recover and licked her kit’s head in attempt to soothe her. “We’ll find her. Does Finchclaw know? And Stoneblade?”
Leopardkit was trembling with fear now. She slowly nodded. “They are sending out search patrols.”
Thundertail’s heart began to pound. This was the second time that Firekit went missing. She tried to think back, to see if she could find reasons how Firekit could have ended up in the forest.
But she knew there was no time to think now.
She had to save her daughter.
Lilacfur, a light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, padded up to Thundertail.
“Stoneblade told me to go on a search patrol with you, Primroseheart, and Blurryface.” Lilacfur mewed. Primroseheart, Lilacfur’s mother, came panting up to them. Blurryface followed, her whisker twitching uneasily. Was the warrior picking up something from Firekit?
“Who’s leading the patrol?” Thundertail turned to face Lilacfur. The tabby flicked her tail towards her. “You are. It’s your daughter who’s missing, anyway. Finchclaw thought it would be best for you to lead, when you’re the one that knows best about Firekit.”
Thundertail suppressed a hiss of frustration. Why had Finchclaw chosen her to lead the patrol? She was frightened to death at the moment, this was the second time Firekit had gone missing! Her worry would not help her at all, only make things worse.
The only thing Thundertail could do now was nod and lead the warriors out into the forest. Her heart began to race.
The undergrowth was growing thinner; after all greenleaf was ending soon. Leaf-fall would begin, and the trees would be rich with golden, scarlet, and orange leaves. But they would all fall and leave the ground covered in endless piles of colors. The air was growing chillier, which meant the prey would start to hide by now.
Thundertail tried to ignore her surroundings and focus on finding Firekit.
Suddenly, a flicker of movement ahead of her caught Thundertail’s eyes. She tried to follow it, but it was too fast for her.
The shadow came again; a flash of fur.
Thundertail’s heart seemed to stop

Chapter 17
Firekit pelted through the trees, her heart racing as fast as a rabbit being chased by a ferocious dog. Firekit was being chased, but not by a dog.
A cat.
In fact, it was a kittypet. What did a kittypet want with her?
“I said, leave me alone!” Firekit squeaked when she noticed the kittypet still chasing her.
“I don’t want to hurt you! I want to help you!”
“No!” Firekit mewed; but when she did, she tripped over a root of a large oak. Hissing and muttering under her breath, Firekit scrambled to her paws, flicking dirt off her pelt. She turned and saw the kittypet racing towards her, its fluffy gray-and-white pelt being ruffled by the wind. Even compared to Firekit, the kittypet seemed short, stubby, and wasn’t as agile as regular Clan cats.
“What do you want?” Firekit sighed, kneading her paws impatiently against the ground as the kittypet skidded to a halt in front of her, landing clumsily on her side. She quickly got up, her whiskers twitching.
“What are you doing here? You seem young.”
“I live here.” Firekit snapped. “My question is: what are you doing here?”
“I’m Jupiter. I live with my housefolk nearby.” Jupiter mewed, her voice soft. It seemed as though it were muffled by her fluffy and silky fur. “If you live here, where is your family?”
“Back at camp.” Firekit hissed. “But I’m running away, so don’t bother look for my Clan.”
“Oh, you live in a Clan?” Jupiter’s green eyes gleamed with excitement. “I’ve always wanted to live in one of those!”
Firekit’s eyes narrowed. “But you’re a kittypet!” she spat.
Jupiter flinched. “Just because I’m a kittypet doesn’t mean I can’t defend myself!”
“How do you know about our Clans, anyway?” Firekit quickly changed the subject. She didn’t want to pick a fight with Jupiter. She could call her Twolegs at any time she felt uneasy, and those creatures weren’t as soft and helpless as her.
“My mother used to live in one!” Jupiter meowed, her eyes sparkling and staring into the distance as if recalling a memory. “She left a few moons after becoming... er...”
“Oh, an apprentice! Yes!” Jupiter remembered. “She left a few moons after becoming an apprentice and then had me and my siblings. Her sister was Moonclaw. I remember first meeting her; I was so amazed by her skills, me and my brothers and sisters wanted to be just like her!”
Firekit felt as though her heart had skipped a beat. She felt anxiety creeping through her fur. Moonclaw was her grandmother! Did that mean Firekit had kittypet roots?
Firekit didn’t know what to say.
“B-but, Moonclaw’s my...” Firekit choked on the words as though she had a piece of tough prey stuck in her throat. “Sh-she’s my grandmother.”

Chapter 18
Blurryface felt panic surging through her pelt, making her shiver. She followed Thundertail cautiously, sniffing the air now and then and checking her surroundings. She could feel the tension crackle in the air, leaving all the cats silent with shock. Would they ever find Firekit, especially with all the leaves starting to pile up underpaw? The moist air filled with mixed scents masked RiverClan’s pungent fish smell as they passed their border, then passed IceClan’s border, their fresh smell barely there. The stronger smells were prey, rushing around to gather stuff and getting ready for the colder weather, the smell of dewy leaves and grass, the smell of coming rain...
“Stop!” Thundertail hissed, jerking Blurryface out of her thoughts. The frosty-pelted she-cat flicked her tail in front of Blurryface, then turned her gaze towards something a few fox-lengths away from some bushes they were hiding behind. Blurryface peered over the bushes, and she quickly spotted Firekit. She was being towered over a plump, gray-and-white kittypet. Blurryface’s instincts almost made her jump out of the bushes and knock the she-cat over, but she held back. She needed a sign from Thundertail, first.
But Thundertail wasn’t afraid, Blurryface could sense she was rather surprised. She narrowed her eyes at the white she-cat. Did she know about this kittypet?
“I can’t be related to you!” Firekit spat. Blurryface strained her ears to hear the conversation between the kit and the kittypet. Her whiskers twitches with surprise. Did Firekit just mention she was related to the kittypet?
“Kittypets can’t be warriors.” Firekit hissed, her tail lashing back and forth. She had the courage of a warrior to stand up for herself, even with the lack of age, Blurryface noticed.
“Oh, I’ll show you!” the kittypet snarled, her fur bristling in anger. “Kittypets can be warriors!”
Blurryface noticed Thundertail’s tail whisking back and forth, and her neck fur was bristling. She whipped around, resting her heather-colored eyes on Blurryface.
“I’m going to step out before anyone gets hurt,” the frosty she-cat whispered. “But do not attack, understood?”
Blurryface nodded briskly, her eyes wide. Why was Thundertail refusing to attack the kittypet? Was it true that they were related, in whatever complex way?
Blurryface expected Thundertail to slowly creep out, but instead, the she-cat lunged forward, hissing.
“Stop!” Thundertail screeched. Firekit was on the kittypet’s back, and was about to scratch her fur off. The kittypet shook her off angrily, then turned to face Thundertail.
“Who are you?”
“I’m Thundertail,” she turned to glare at Firekit. “And she belongs to me.”
The kittypet’s fluffy fur spiked out in rage, making her look twice her size. She glared at Thundertail for a while, then her fur flattened, and her green eyes widened.
“Thundertail!” she echoed, her eyes growing wider. “I know you!“
Blurryface’s heart almost skipped a beat. Was Thundertail friends with a kittypet?
Primroseheart stepped forward, but Thundertail flicked her tail as a warning to stay back. But of course, Primroseheart ignored her. It was her typical attitude.
“The whole Clan knows it.” Primroseheart growled. “Moonclaw’s sister left FireClan to become a kittypet.”
Thundertail glared into the white she-cat’s icy blue eyes. Primroseheart put a jet-black paw forward and turned towards the kittypet. “This kittypet is Fernpaw’s daughter. I remember when the Clan found out Moonclaw’s sister left the Clan: everyone doubted Moonclaw and Whiteberry’s loyalty after the tragedy. Moonclaw had kept it a secret, but it didn’t remain a secret for long.”
“Just because Fernpaw made a decision doesn’t make me or any of my family members will be affected by it!” Thundertail hissed. “I am a true warrior.”
“You two are fighting like kits!” Lilacfur muttered. “I agree with Thundertail: Fernpaw’s decision isn’t going to determine whether she has true warrior blood or not. She was Clan-born, including her mother, her grandmother, and even her great-grandmother! Fernpaw decided to become a kittypet, but that does not mean Thundertail has kittypet roots in her. It only is going to make Fernpaw’s offspring have kittypet blood in them.”
Firekit’ pelt was bristling, and she glared at the kittypet. “Still, I know you can’t become a warrior.”
This made the kittypet very angry. She hissed, unsheathing her claws. “Oh, yes I can! As a kit, I trained with my brothers and sisters.”
“Trained with who?” Firekit muttered.
“My mother! She taught us a few tips, and we even taught ourselves tactics!”
“Let me guess, you all leaned how to flee from dogs. Typical kittypets. I bet you can’t even outrun a snail!” Firekit snorted.
Blurryface was taken aback at how Firekit was acting towards the kittypet.
“Jupiter! You know better than to mess with Clan cats.”
Blurryface whipped around to see a red tabby tom bounding towards them. He glared at the kittypet with piercing yellow eyes that stung you like nettles.
“I’m sorry, Mars.” Jupiter ran towards him, then looked over her shoulder to glare at Firekit. “I was just trying to show these Clan cats to not mess with us in the first place.”
The tip of Mars’ tail quivered. “Jupiter, stop talking nonsense!” Mars growled. “We are housecats, and we will stay like this for the rest of our lives. Just because Princess told us a few stories and taught us a few moves doesn’t mean we’re fit enough to live in the wild alone already!”
Jupiter narrowed her eyes. “It takes skill and determination, not knowledge.”

Chapter 19
Firekit dangled from Thundertail’s jaws as the patrol padded back home. She was in serious trouble now.
But she couldn’t help but think about Jupiter’s words. Firekit hated to admit the fact that the kittypet was wise. Perhaps she was good enough to become a warrior. Her words were true and thoughtful.
But to Firekit, knowledge did also matter. You had to know a lot of things to be worthy of becoming a warrior.
Suddenly, a sharp scent hit the roof of Firekit’s mouth.
Thundertail probably had noticed it, too, because she had halted. They were a few tail-lengths away from the camp entrance, but she hadn’t entered. The fox scent was coming from inside the camp.
A sharp shriek of pain pierced Firekit’s ears. She wanted to go inside to see what had happened, but Thundertail held her so firmly in her jaws it was almost impossible to move.
But miraculously, Thundertail dropped Firekit and placed her gently on the ground and rushed towards the camp entrance, slipping through the tunnel. Firekit was about to follow her, but teeth met her scruff.
“If the fox smells kits, its going to aim for you. Hopefully there are enough warriors to scare away the fox.” Firekit recognized Primroseheart’s voice being muffled by Firekit’s fur in her jaws. She placed her on the ground, and Firekit sat beside her, heart racing. She didn’t want her mother to get hurt!
“Stoneblade!” Finchclaw’s cry clearly rang throughout the clearing, and Firekit’s heart started to beat faster. More cats began to murmur, and the noise grew, along with Firekit’s anxiety. She dashed off towards the entrance, ignoring the exasperated calls she was getting from Lilacfur and Blurryface.
She slipped through the tunnel, her fur being tugged by sharp brambles surrounding the walls of the camp. She bounded towards her father, who was crouching over a motionless mound of fur.
Stoneblade! Firekit screeched in her mind. She felt as though her heart were being crushed by badgers’ paws.
“Was this her last life?” Firekit whispered to her father, her voice cracked with grief.
Finchclaw slowly nodded.

Was that a good cliffhanger XD? Anyways ty for readinggg stay tuned for chapters 20-25!!1!1!

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Sorry about the quality of the thumbnail, idk what happened :| the app I use for it used to be amazing and the quality went down a lot, and now more than half of the fonts are locked and every time I save a picture it ruins the quality. The text looks all "pixely" but I hope you don't mind x.x

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