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Common Ways To Boost Minecraft

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avatar AwesomeLegend99
Level 36 : Artisan Robot
Okay, I know this topic has been discussed a lot on PMC and YouTube and blah, blah, blah. But, I want to go in depth with it. Really in depth.
So, let's start with the basics. Everyone (hopefully) knows the common ways of reducing lag in Minecraft:
  • Change your video settings so that they cope with however "unlaggy" you want Minecraft. (For example, I keep my render distance TINY, my graphics FAST, my performance MAX FPS, and my particles MINIMAL.)
  • Download and use GameBooster.
  • Set the priority of your Minecraft high using Task Manager. (I don't know why, but that really doesn't work for me. However, it might work excellently for you.)
  • Download and install the OptiFine mod. (Please check out my tutorial on the best settings for OptiFine by clicking here.)
  • Use a low-resolution texture pack. (16x16 to 64x64 textures work just fine for me. [Like FaithfulCraft or SimpleCraft. Not sure if those are the right names, but you get the idea.])
I hope this has been helpful to all of you, especially those of you that have a HORRIBLE computer for playing games, like me. I know that I haven't covered all of the possible ways to boost Minecraft, but show me some mercy. I would still love to hear your techniques of decreasing lag in Minecraft. Please leave one of your methods or a suggestion in the comment. Thanks so much for reading this blog! DIAMONDS are appreciated a lot!

04/03/2012 9:59 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
wow gamebooster really works diamond for u my good sir
04/14/2012 4:26 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Robot
Thanks :)
01/31/2012 5:18 pm
Level 36 : Artisan Robot
Colorful, right?
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