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"we had a mission; find the Blind One"

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` hullo yas this story scene features my OC Apaera

Did we listen to the people in town? No. No we did not. We had a mission; find the Blind One. They would be the key to defeating Zarloth and his dark army. And to find the Blind One as soon as possible we had to go through the Pass of Whispering Spirits and find them on the other side. We couldn't just fly over the pass like normal because our flying serpent Iaoth was injured. We would have to go on foot.
  "You shouldn't go through without a guide," their leader had told us. "You should wait for tomorrow,"
  "We've survived pirates, being chased by mercenarys, and a flying killer pig. I think we can survive a few ghosts," I told him. Boy was I wrong.
  We went about 20 minutes down the pass before we started noticing things. The clear air started swirling in mist, and we started hearing the wind brush up against the leaves of the trees on its journey, at least we thought. Then we realized there was no wind.
  "Luca, stop touching me," I said.
  "I'm not touching you," he replied.
  "Then who is?" The mist began to enclose us.
  "I think we should go Nailio," Gwen said nervously. "Maybe the leader dude was right, we should come back with a guide,"
  "They're just spirits. They're on the Spirit Plane, they can't hurt us here," I shivered. The air was getting colder even though it was the middle of summer.
  "Wasn't there something your uncle said about this place?"
  "Like what Luca?"
  "Don't the Spirit Plane and the Material Plane overlap or something?" The mist began to swirl around us.
  "Yeah, that was it," I said. "Let's get out of here,"

  After that, we ran back the way we came and stumbled out of the mist. The village people were gone except for one.
  "You know, this week we will have the Feast of the Red Moon. You know what that means?"
  "No," I muttered.
  "Food and rooms are half off at the Sober Spirit Inn!"

  After spending the warm night at the Sober Spirit, we took some time to restock our supplies before going to find a guide. After telling the others of what had happened to use last night, the guy at the next table turned his head to us.
  "Well duh, the spirits grow powerful during the week of the red moon. You're lucky that it just started. Without a guide, and further in the week, you'd be dead and joined the others," Gwen gulped. "And, that reminds me-"
  "We'd love to hear your story sir," Gwen said as she stood up and shoved us to the door, "But we really should be going,"
  "Well, alrighty then," As we left the leader came up to us.
  "Our best and most powerful guide is waiting for you at the beginning. Stay safe,"
  "Thank you for your hospitality. We know we're not the best people to be hanging around right now,"
  "Your cause is just. It brings my old heart hope,"

  We carefully approached the entrance of the pass. I looked around and studied the area very closely.
  "There's no one here," Luca said. The wind whistled above us.
  "Well look harder dummy," Gwen drew her blades while Luca ignited his right hand in flame. The voice had come from above us. I looked up into the tree boughs. There there was a small blonde girl with a blindfold as she casually swung her legs back and forth. Was she in pajamas? She jumped down to the ground to face us. She seemed to be barely twelve years of age.
  "Hi there Mr. I'm Apaera," The girl held out her hand. "I'll be your guide this fine day," Luca laughed.
  "You've got to be kidding me. A little blind girl?" Her head twisted to the sound of his voice.
  "I'll have you know I'm the best guide here, carrot-top," Luca colored.
  "How-" The wind picked up. I studied the girl. I could tell that great power was in her, hiding.
  "The ghosts told me," was all she said to Luca's remark. She grabbed the walking stick that was lying against the tree. "Let's get started, shall we?"
  The little girl, Apaera, skipped along the trail in front of us. Luca and Gwen hung back just a little bit, and were whispering to each other quietly. They were probably talking about our guide.
  "So, your the most powerful guide here?" I asked her. She turned backwards to face me and twirled her stick in the air.
  "I've been told that," she nodded. "But honestly I doubt that,"
  "How were you able to see Luca's hair color earlier?"
  "Is he the red head?"
  "Yes," Apaera giggled, as if someone had made a joke. None of us had.
  "I'm a spirit medium. I can't see, but the ghosts can, so I just ask them," She was a spirit medium? That explained why she was the best guide. The ghosts wouldn't even bother attacking her. "So, why are you looking for the Blind One down here?" she asked us.
  Luca shrugged. "Nailio had a visio-"
  "The Blind One was known to live on the other side of this mountain pass. Our flying serpent is injured, so we have to go on foot," Gwen said, interrupting Luca. I mouthed thank you to her and she nodded. It would probably be for the best that Apaera got to know as little of us as possible, for her safety. Knowing that I had semi-frequent visions of the past and future would not be good for me, either.
  Apaera didn't seem to notice the quick thinking Gwen had made. "That's odd. I don't know of any blind folk on the other side of the pass,"
  "What do you mean?" Luca asked. Apaera began to skip again and hum quietly to herself. "Apeara?"
  "I'm the only blind person around here," she said. Luca, Gwen, and I all glanced at each other. Now I realized why I felt so much power in her earlier.
  Apaera was the one we were looking for.

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The flying killer pig xD
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it was very dangerous, almost killed them
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